On My Knees * On hold for 2 moths*

Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


5. Acting wired

Justin pov*

Ryan and chaz left and l was left with Brooklyn she looked do peacef- stop it Justin remember l hate her and always will , “ yo bitch get your fucking lazy ass up NOW!!” she got up quickly and looked around her room until our eyes met , l could see her tensed up and trying to move away but me being Justin bieber l jumped onto the bed and pinned her backed down , she squirming and when she was about to shout l covered her mouth shutting her up “ listen up , we can do this the hard way or the easy way ?“ I said it as calmly as l could , she shaked her head  , I removed my hands from her mouth “ easy way , but what you gonna do ?” she sounded scared “ oh I don’t know yet but get dressed into a tight dress and meet us down stairs, and you better look good or else”. I went down to the boys they were looking at me wired “ what you guys looking at ?” l said to them both “ well you see we usually hear screaming from her and when you tell us to leave the room you usually have plan’s to have some fun“ chaz said “ who said l am not gonna have fun , guys were going to a party , so am gonna call my mum and tell her that alright “ l said with a devious smile on my face , “ alright , are we all gonna have a piece” ryan said , “maybe” l said walking into the kitchen to call my mum. L called her and confirmed her that we are going out and she said yes , tonight was gonna be fun , I am gonna get laid and get Brooklyn wasted , yeah l hate her but the girls wired and seems cool but tonight she is gonna be wild .

Brooklyn pov*

I was anxious to know why Justin was acting all nice to me , l am also scared but l got to remember that l have to do what ever they tell me to. I  got dressed in my blue tight dress that showed my curves and straightened my hair , applied my makeup putted on my black pumps , l grapped my purse with my phone inside and went out , l was so nervous and scared but couldn’t help thinking what did her mean by US? , l got down stair and went to the kitchen knowing that Justin will be their , l walked in and saw chaz , ryan and Justin talking , chaz saw me first then ryan and Justin last they all said “WOW!” at the same time, l just walked away not looking at them “umm  you look good, you guys wanna go now?” Justin said “sure .. but you can you tell me where we are going?” l said looking down because l was still scared of even though they are acing nice l am still scared, l mean wouldn’t you? “we are going to maxine party “ Justin said , “ no way am l going to a party , especially not looking like this “ l said finally looking up, “ yes , you will and beside what could go wrong? “ ryan said with a smirk on his face, “ fine , l give up take me okay the sooner l am their , l could probally get a break from you guys while you guys have fun” l said now pissed off , l can’t believe ryan would say that l mean he should know from all people what happens at party especially with a  tight hot looking dress on.


When she same walking in she look HOTT!! I got to say if the girl wore hot clothes like this to school, boys will be stuck to her like magnet , not that l am jealous or anything.

We entered the car and Ryan sat in the driver seat, while chaz sat in the front passenger seat , Brooklyn sat in the middle back seat and l sat near the window. “so why am l going to the party? , you know l never go to them” she said half shouting “for fuck sake , can’t you just relax you will enjoy the party trust me “ l said pulling her closer to me “ eww …. Get off me l hate you Justin you’re the reason l nev-“ were here “ l said interrupting her , l couldn’t hear more negative facts about me right now all l need it some actions between me and a girl and then me and the boys will have our fun with Brooklyn.

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