In The Spotlight (Harry Styles)

Hey i'm Louise. Just a normal 18 year old girl from England, who loves to sing and dance around in my room.
But what happens when your best friend records you singing and put it out on youtube, and a certain boyband member finds the video, and wants you as their opening act?
Read and find out


1. Not a chapter

Hey i'm Louise, i'm 19 years old and i'm from Manchester, England. But a month ago my best friend Jenna and I moved to London. 

So about me, I have brown straight hair, blue eyes. i'm a normal height and i'm not fat but i'm not as skinnie as any of those models, i'm normal, all the way normal. I'm a little bit shy in the beginning but when you get to know me i'm not shy at all, maybe my body is normal but people say my personality isn't normal. I love to sing and dance, but i mostly do it in my room, the only people who have heard me sing is my family and my best friend. My best friend is Jenna, we have been best friends since kindergarten, and now we live together. My family consist my mom, dad and older sister, Maria. 


So this were a little intro in who Louise is.

I hope you guys want to read my story and like it.

And i'm sorry if some of it is bad, but this is my first fanfiction.


Please like if you think it's good :-)


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