Scarlet Blaze part 2

Continuation of the story on ThunderCloud's page. This is my third account and I am sorry for the confusion but alot has happened in the past few weeks involving both of my accounts now un-operational :( Anyway read and I hope you like the continuation <3 :)
The link to the first 6 chapters is this link for those who have not read the start :)


3. Target

Scarlet first saw a boy sitting down on the ground. Scarlet reached out to him but couldn't touch him. All of a sudden the boy leapt up and grew two magnificent black wings that had in an instant shot out from his back. Scarlet looked on the side of her and saw Lucy also watching the boy. Lucy looked shocked from this but Scarlet wasn't surprised since she now realized what their prize was. Straight after the boy shot up in the air a mass of images buzzed into view before shooting towards Lucy and Scarlet. Scarlet could hear Lucy screaming but Scarlet knew better. Closing her eyes softly she began to sync in all the information that the lady from before was giving her. The prize for winning the first trial was to find out everyone's power. As Scarlet scanned through a few she saw a boy turn into a wolf whilst a girl grew gills and jumped into water. The powers or gifts were all varmints and Scarlet all of a sudden noticed one image and payed particular attention to these two. They were the twins from before. The two twins looked around at Scarlet and realized that they were mind readers. Within a moments time Scarlet blinked and found herself back at the lady's side with Lucy. Lucy was now sprawled on the ground in a daze whilst the lady was helping her up. Looking around now, Scarlet had realized just like before only a few minutes had gone past in the past second. All the students were now teamed up and were all staring down at Lucy and Scarlet with curious eyes.

"Alright then everyone now it is time for your second trial" the lady said whilst letting go of Lucy as she stood firm.

"Now that you have all made partners you now have pact-bracelets and are now ready to test out your friendships with the people you are with" the lady replied whilst throwing a hand in the air.

A spark shot from the palm of the lady's hand and a few feet above her head appeared a holographic map. The terrain was surrounded by mountains and trees. 

"This will be your first trial" the lady said whilst smiling.

"You and your partner are going to be in there soon working together and fighting against other teams" the lady said.

The crowd began to chatter but fell as silent as it had begun as soon as the lady clapped her hands. Two backpacks fell from the sky and landed on the floor. The lady pointed at both bags before both of them burst open scattering all the contents inside.

"I am sorry to all of you who have brought bags and luggage with you but for this task they are prohibited" the lady announced.

Everyone began to gasp as the backpacks and suitcases that they had either next to them or on their laps vanished. Scarlet felt her backpack vanish and began to watch as the crowd began talking again.

"Back to what I was saying before, the first trial that you will all be playing is a game I like to call tag" the lady said whilst musing the word tag playfully.

Some of the crowd laughed and others began to ask one another if it was a joke.

"But in the trials for such a great school we play tag a bit differently from how you do" the lady replied. 

"All your bracelets are currently blank and empty. What you are looking at now is something you don't want to end this trial having" the lady continued on.

"In this terrain the second trial will go on for three days and in those three days you will all be fighting against one another. Now each and everyone of you's here are now acquainted consider everyone else your enemy. Forget about if your friends are here because in this game the only person that you can trust is your partner" the lady said whilst smiling.

"The items you see before you are the backpacks that each team will share, and let me tell you when I say share I don't mean hogging the bag to yourself. As you can see there is a torch, rope, string, traps and scarce food. The amount of food that is in each pack won't help your team survive more then a day so your going to have to fight for food and resources in order to continue the game unless you would rather die or suffer" the lady said throwing back her hands amusingly.

"Now to play tag is very simple, all you need to do is to get your bracelets and get someone to kiss it. Now im not talking french kisses everyone, all your bracelets needs is interaction between the bracelet and someones lips and you have someone tagged. Now as soon as this happens your bracelet will receive a bead set inside the bracelet which is impossible for any of you's to remove" the lady continued.

"So for any of you's who are asking why do you need any beads let me ask you a question" the lady said whilst waving her hands as the backpacks began to refill with the scattered items.

"What happens to a burn if you add ice?" the lady asked

Everyone began to mutter things whilst others sat down scratching their heads and chins.

"The obvious question is that the burn will get better. Now tell me what would happen if you put hot coals on a burn?" the lady asked.

"The obvious question is that you will suffer" the lady said straight after.

"If you don't get a bead or you lose a bead, the bracelet around your wrist will begin be just like a burning coal. It will burn you and will continue to get stronger unless you find yourself a bead or which is another case is just like ice" the lady said whilst smiling.

Scarlet began to study the bracelet as everyone else began to look at their bracelets in horror. Some of the people began trying to remove it whilst others tried kissing the bracelets themselves.

"Oh and another thing, I wouldn't recommend using your partners lips of your own as ice to your burn because if you attempt anything of the sort, your lips will end up scorched and by scorched I mean a shock similar to a heating rod will burst whatever falls into contact" the lady said smiling.

The people who had their lips pursed against their bracelets began to whip away their bracelets touching their lips with the other hand and checking if anything had happened.

"So now that the im done with explaining how your first trial works it is also now time I told you the advantage Lucy and Scarlet have" the lady said.

Scarlet's eyes began to widen and whipped her head around at Lucy who was clenching her fists again. 

"The two winners for the first round now know every single power that all of you have" the lady said throwing up her hands.

Some of the audience began to freak out whilst a few others threw glares at the two girls.

"But now both of them know your powers I would now like to introduce another advantage they both now hold" the lady said as she grasped a backpack in her hand.

"These two girls now have the power to target one of you's, and when I say target you I mean all they have to do is select one of your groups so that in the first trial a bright red mark will appear above in the sky over one of your heads." the lady continued.

"Like this" the lady said as she threw the backpack at Lucy and a huge holographic arrow appeared above Lucy pointing at her.

The people at the front looked up and gasped as the others all held their gazes firm on Scarlet and Lucy.

"This target will last for the whole time period and will not go away unless the two girls want it to" the lady said.

"So for your second trial all you have to do is keep each other company whilst chasing after others so that your wrists wont burn off." the lady said whilst rubbing her wrists.


"Well now that Ive told you all pretty much everything, are you ready for your trial?"


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