Scarlet Blaze part 2

Continuation of the story on ThunderCloud's page. This is my third account and I am sorry for the confusion but alot has happened in the past few weeks involving both of my accounts now un-operational :( Anyway read and I hope you like the continuation <3 :)
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2. Introductions

Scarlet felt her body tighten as the wavering masses of colors began to materialize into the setting around her. The ground began to sprout with grass out of thin air whilst the sky began to fill with clouds and stars. Figures began to pop out of no where and before Scarlet could take a full scale of what was happening around her a man appeared and began to walk towards her. 

"Please make your way towards the tent" the man said mechanically before disintegrating into nothing.

Looking forward now, Scarlet could see a small brown tent standing right in the middle of the grass. The landscape around the tent was still materializing but Scarlet had no time to waste, walking forward uneasily wondering what would happen if the grass dissipated, Scarlet began to brisk walk before running at full strength towards the tent. An open door appeared from where Scarlet was heading. Coming closer to the tent she could hear something go on inside the tent. Scarlet belted across the grass and leapt through the door.

There were thousands, millions in-fact. Scarlet had now entered a dome that was similar to a football stadium just amplified a hundred times more bigger. As soon as Scarlet had entered the room she found herself sitting at one of the many stands. Scarlet didn't have time to think of how she got to her seat but before she could do anymore thinking a voice erupted.

"Silence" a voice drizzled.

The chatter had seized immediately and the dome fell quiet.

"Hello everyone, I thank you for all attending and wish you the best of luck for the trials to come" the voice continued.

"What you all are inside now is called a "Power-Seize dome" and as the name does like to suggest, all your powers and abilities are now being temporarily taken away so that all of you will not start biting at each others heads" the voice continued.

Everyone now was whipping out their amulets and trying to spark magic but was evidently failing. Scarlet realized now that her amulet was not warm anymore so she found no interest in trying to fixate on something so trivial.

"Well my little young ones I hope that you all are prepared for your trials since your first one is due to start in about ten minutes" the voice continued

"You may have now noticed that when you entered the tent you were located at seats which you had not sat in, that is what we like to call welcoming the guests. We are on a tight schedule and we do not have time for you hot blooded children to be fighting over who sits where. Now the first trial we will be giving you is about partnership. It is essential for each and everyone of yous to think for yourself and others. You will find a partner to team up with and you have five minutes choose." the voice continued.

Everyone began to look around at each-other frantically trying to figure out who was worth teaming up with and who wasn't. 

"Now before I let you all choose I am here to inform you something that was not mentioned in the contract" the voice continued

"Before entering the trials you are to make a choice whether you are ready to put your lives on the line, and I don't mean conduct yourselves accordingly. I mean if someone is pointing an arrow at you and you are not quick enough to escape then expect nothing less then death." the voice said coldly.

There were a few gasps and a few cries. Scarlet felt a nudge next to her and now saw that the young blonde girl was crying. It was not too obvious but the way she clenched her fists and stared at her feet reminded Scarlet of herself. Scarlet put a hand on the young girls leg and smiled at her.

"For all of those who do not want to participate in the trials now, all you have to do is say the word forfeit, after that you will be teleported back to the dooraticus or place that you came from" the voice said.

Silence filled the room. The silence was broken when a kid from the front dissipated. Following that a few more began to dissipate into air. 

Scarlet looked at the girl again now and saw her clenching her fists.

"Hey" Scarlet whispered

The blonde girl perked her head up and Scarlet now realized that the girl was probably three years younger then her.

"If you want to leave then no ones stopping you" Scarlet continued burning her eyes into the girl.

The blonde girl shifted uneasily. Looking down at Scarlet's hand still there, the blonde girl began to smile.

"You're a very nice person" the blonde girl replied

Scarlet weakened her gaze on the blonde girl and began to smile with her.

"My names Scarlet" Scarlet said

"My name is Lucy" the blonde girl replied

There was a sudden gush of wind before Scarlet felt a burning sensation on her wrist. Looking down at her wrist in horror, she now realized that she was now wearing a frosted bracelet. Looking across at Lucy, she now realized that the same thing had happened to her and now both of them were accessorizing frosty looking bracelets. 

"Well done Scarlet Blaze and Lucy Coral" the voice erupted

Scarlet and Lucy both exchanged questioningly looks just in-case they had heard the announcement wrong. Everyone whipped there gazes at the two girls and now realized that a holographic projection of the two girls was standing on the field.

"Congratulations on passing your first trial" the voice sounded before a woman appeared next to the holograms.

"Your first trial was to test whether or not you and someone else could comfort one another in hardship and it seems to me that the girls even had time to prepare themselves for the next task" the woman continued

"Those bracelets that you two are wearing are the pact-bracelets. Whether you realized it or not, you both are aiming for something similar within this competition whether it be the money or the fame but all in all you both met an agreement to which your put faith into one another" the woman continued looking up at the girls.

"Now that this test is over you will all now select your partners but for Scarlet and Lucy stay seated"the lady finished

Everyone around them were groaning and smacking their foreheads whilst others glared at the both of them. Lucy and Scarlet awkwardly smiled and then turned away at the same time. Scarlet was disturbed about how easy the first trial had been, and let alone what the woman had said. Scarlet was aiming for something that she figured no one else was but now that the voice had explained that they both shared similar aims, it was evident to Scarlet that Lucy was anything but ordinary and now she was stuck with her. Scarlet looked around at Lucy and saw her smiling sweetly and couldn't help herself from smiling. Before the two girls could say anything everything went black and then they were now standing.

Gazing down at the ground, Scarlet realized that she was in position to where her hologram had been. Turning her gaze to Lucy and sighing slightly with relief, a voice behind her coughed. Turning around and realizing that the lady who had been talking had been behind her ever since she had been teleported. Looking this closely at the lady, Scarlet now realized that this woman was most likely in her young twenties and was a little bit taller then Scarlet. 

"Congratulations you two" the lady said whilst smiling

"Now since you two have gone as far as being the only ones to have accomplished the task and start the next one, you will now be given an advantage" the lady smiled

Lucy gasped before Scarlet turned and saw a small box hovering in-front of her. Scarlet looked in-front of her and now saw a small box in-front of her as well.

"Place your index finger on the top of the box and you will be given your prize" the lady smiled

Both girls placed their index fingers on the box at the same time and felt their eye-lids jolt before shutting tightly.

Everything had gone too quickly and Scarlet was already falling victim to the test. Frustrated and annoyed, Scarlet clenched her fists as colors began to emerge within her eye lids. 

Although Scarlet had passed the first test, Scarlet was not feeling like a winner. She was feeling like an idiot, a victim a nobody. 

Note: This chapter progressed a bit faster then usual since I haven't updated in a while, comment if you think I should continue and if not then add that as well, thanks :)


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