Scarlet Blaze part 2

Continuation of the story on ThunderCloud's page. This is my third account and I am sorry for the confusion but alot has happened in the past few weeks involving both of my accounts now un-operational :( Anyway read and I hope you like the continuation <3 :)
The link to the first 6 chapters is this link for those who have not read the start :)


1. Entrance

Walking briskly amongst the thousands of teenagers helped Scarlet blend in. Bumping into a stocky looking man with a scrunched up face, she waved about her hand and walked past him. Even though she wore regular clothes and looked like a regular girl, she was anything but. She was the angel demons property and unlike the millions of teenagers that were going to be trying out for a place in the "V and N" school, Scarlet was entering the exam for a completely different reason. However the first step to reaching her goal was to pass the exam no matter how hard or daunting it was, failure was not an option. Looking forwards as she bristled past the clusters of people who chatted excitedly or were on the verge of crying, Scarlet could now see the door that everyone was heading towards. "Dooraticus" or in shorter terms a teleporter was the use of transportation being used in order to reach the grounds of the exam. No one really knew where they were heading or what they were preparing for so many of the people heading towards it carried suitcases of equipment to use in the exam. Smiling slightly at the thought of this, Scarlet began to slow down as soon as she began to feel the gravity in the air thicken. Looking ahead still she could now see people stating their names and then stepping forwards. The sky had no patch of blue sky and the air was tearing through Scarlet's clothes. Shoving her hands in her pockets, Scarlet continued to walk forwards.

"Name?" the guard shouted 

"Bella Heath" the girl shouted back

The dooraticus began to hum before all of a sudden the girl and all her suitcases dissipated into the door. Lining up behind a set of two tall male figures, most likely brothers. Scarlet withdrew the satchel from her back and unclasped the buckle located on the top of the bag. Rummaging through the contents of the bag, Scarlet produced a tiny flask before popping the lid off and shooting the contents down her throat. Sighing slightly after sculling down all of it, Scarlet popped the lid back on and was about to shove the flask back inside the satchel before feeling abruptly interrupted by someone at the front knocking into her causing her to fall down. Although Scarlet was completely unprepared for this, the memories that the old lady had given her resulted in Scarlet twisting her body slightly before falling down with a small thud. Reducing the impact of the fall was something that Scarlet had done unconsciously due to the old lady, making it as if to everyone around her that she was anything but normal. Looking side to side Scarlet noticed that everyone had not noticed but before she could begin piecing all the data together she felt a little knock in her leg.

"Are you alright?" a soft voice sounded above her

Looking up now, Scarlet now saw that one of the two twins looking down at her concerned. The one that was looking down at her was wearing a woolen jumper which was topped off with a shabby looking scarf swaying down as he extended his hand. The other one was wearing the exact same thing as the other twin but he was wearing gray trainers whereas the other twin was wearing black.

"Thanks" Scarlet said whilst grabbing the open hand whilst hoisting herself up.

"The name's Sparrow" the man said whilst letting go of her hand

"Scarlet" Scarlet replied smiling slightly.

Crouching down towards the ground, Scarlet noticed that someone had gone through the contents of her satchel. Although the bag had fallen and the contents were now splayed near her satchel, Scarlet could tell that the bag had been shaken whilst Sparrow had taken her hand to make sure nothing else was inside the bag. Scarlet grabbed the contents of her satchel and began to stuff them in her bag.

"Sorry about that, the girl in-front of me stumbled backwards and made me knock you over, it's all my fault" the other twin said sadly

"Don't sweat about it" Scarlet replied sweetly as she stood back up and swung the satchel over her back.

"Anyway it's time we went, all the best for the exam?" Sparrow asked whilst both twins extended both hands forward.

"All the best" Scarlet mused as she grabbed both of their hands and shook them firmly.

"Goodluck" both of the boys called back as they walked forward towards the guards.

Scarlet placed her hand on her chest firmly and could feel the amulet beneath her jacket humming. The amulet that Scarlet had been given was much more then some pendant for goodluck but it was in the simplest way an identity card. Looking forward, Scarlet could tell that the twins who had bumped into her meant business. They did not knock into her by accident, the plan they schemed was quite smart except for the fact that only your average bystander would fall for such a basic trick.

"Name?" the guard shouted at both of the twins

"Sparrow Williams" Sparrow shouted back

"And Finch Williams" the other twin finished

Looking closely at both twins from this distance she could now see that they were probably a year older then her. As soon as both twins dissipated into the dooraticus Scarlet began to walk forward letting go of her chest. The twins had plotted the scheme before to try and steal Scarlet's amulet. One of the twins had knocked her over so that the other could look through her bag just in case the amulet was there. If it wasn't Scarlet but another girl, it would've been most likely that the two twins would have gotten away with an amulet. As Scarlet walked forward and began to slow down as she approached the guard, she smiled slightly at the thought of how funny the two twins were. They had both obviously planned this from the start as soon as she got behind them. Not many people had amulets and they were considered priceless internationally. Each amulet held the story and contract that had been made by the person and was the key to unlocking the truth in most situations. In this case Scarlet had picked up that both of the Williams brothers held alot of power but were trying to harbor it in public.

"Name?" the guard shouted whilst looking Scarlet up and down.

"Scarlet Blaze" Scarlet shouted back as she felt the door begin to buzz.

The twins that Scarlet had approached had now become her two first rivals and the exam had not even began yet. Hearing the dooraticus hum, Scarlet could feel her whole body being ripped apart into small particles. The flask that Scarlet had drunk was a potion that helped for motion sickness, especially whilst travelling by teleportation. Feeling the gravity severely waver the people and guard who were around me dissipated into darkness. Scarlet Blaze had known the whole time that the real battle began as soon as you signed up for the exam. People who knew you had a chance would crush your chances of getting through no matter what it took.

Scarlet Blaze felt confident as she felt her body propel forwards through the kaleidoscope mass of wavering colors, but what was coming Scarlet's way was something no one expected, not even Scarlet Blaze.



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