Far Away [ Harry Styles]

Sloane Byrnes is your ordinary girl. Because of her haunting past; she has low hopes for her future ,and believes she will never up to anyone great in life. That is- until one day fate brings her together to meet Harry Styles and her life becomes completely flipped upside down.
A story about insane people, dreams, tragedy and love. A tale filled with vicious plot twist, romance and mystery.
Find out how Harry changes Sloane's life and how she change his.


1. Just A Small Town Girl

“Sloane! Sloane!”

Sloane quickly shook her head snapping back into reality. Her co-worker Angelina had brought her back from Cloud 9.

“We need a batch of chocolate chip biscuits, a dozen of banana split cupcakes and that bunny birthday cake on the counter. Now.” Angelina snapped. Angelina’s sassy, bossy attitude catching the attention of several costumers. The wistful girl nodded and went to the kitchen to fetch the orders.

As she fetched the orders and swiftly avoided other bakers in the kitchen she couldn’t help but wonder about her life. She pondered on her unknown future. Nothing interesting ever happened to Sloane Byrnes. Ever since she had moved to London a couple of years ago everything had become pretty much a mundane routine.

“SLOANE!” Again Angelina’s yelling caught her attention and she ushered off to the counter at the front of the pastry shop. Delivering each order with a small smile and a “Thank you, come again!”

“Off in the clouds again Sloane?” an elderly woman chuckled. Sloane flashed her a cheeky grin as she wiped the counter clean. “Sorry…” she mumbled.
Angie the elder woman shook her head. “That’s quite fine my dear, as long as you get your job done.”
“She’s been stalling all of our orders grandmum!” whined Angelina.

Angelina Ainsworth, was currently the manager of “Sweet Delight” a local bakery in London which was eminent and very popular. Young at 23 with luscious blonde hair, sharp green eyes and a pointy nose, she was sassy and cocky as could be and did not take anyone’s crap. She was also the granddaughter of the sweet elderly owner Angela Kipling.

“Oh, leave her to be Lina. We all have dreams; it’s normal to get lost in them every once in a while. I just can’t help but wonder what’s on your mind so much Sloane.” The elder lady asked with a twinkle in her glassy eyes. Angie’s long white hair was tied back in a small braid, and her crinkly eyes where the eyes of a caring woman which reflected years of hard work. Sloane inhaled deeply and explained what had been lingering in her mind for weeks now.

“I don’t know Angie- I just… um… I feel, I feel like-“ she was always rather shy when talking about herself. “I feel like my life has become a routine, and that I will up to nothing. I feel as if I will be spend my whole life stuck here working behind this counter…”

Angelina said nothing, just rolled her eyes and went to fetch an order in the crowded kitchen. Angie frowned her eyebrows rising up high in her forehead.
“What’s wrong dear? I thought you liked working here- is Lina giving you a hard time?” she pursued her lips.
“Oh, no! Angelina, well she’s great- keeps me under her thumb at all times. It’s just that… Nothing special ever happens to me, and I just feel so awfully ordinary all the time...”

A small gentle smile creased in the white haired woman’s lips. She held one of the young 18 year olds hands in hers. “Oh, Sloane. You are anything, but that- You have a very special gift, and I saw that and much more in you which is why I opened my doors to you and gave you this opportunity.”
The elder woman, had granted Sloane a privileged spot in her exquisite pastry shop with a starting salary of £17 an hour because of the brunette’s gift for the art of baking and decorating pastries. Sloane made about £20,000 a year, it didn’t seem like a lot for the average person, but for a drop out 18 year old without a degree in culinary arts- yes for Sloane Byrnes, that was her fortune.
With a knowing smile she leaned forward to whisper something in the young girls ear, “-And about the routine… You’d be surprised at the twist and curves life throws at you. I know that you’ll be able to handle them, even when I’m here no longer.” She chuckled a bit. Sloane frowned. “Don’t say that-I don’t like it when you talk like that Angie…”

“If one thing in this life is certain my girl, is that no one is immortal.”
Well that was the sad truth….

A bit cheered up now, Sloane sneaked off to the kitchen to do more baking for the display counter her shift was almost over when Angelina approached her. You could say that they were both ‘friends.’
The relationship between the two never left the bakery, if thy saw each other outside of work it would be when Sloane was joining Angie for lunch or dinner and Angelina and her family would show up.

“Hey, I have a blind double date tonight and I was wondering if you’d like to come?”
A dusty blush covered Sloane’s pink cheeks. “W-Why are you asking me?”
Angelina shrugged, “Just figured you wouldn’t have anything to do Thursday night.”
“Why would you think that..?”

Angelina gazed at her with her knowing cat like eyes. Sloane shook her head; yeah she never did have many friends…

“Alright, I’ll accompany you. Who set you up?”
“I met the guy on Omegle.” Sloane raised one of her eyebrows incredulously. Really?

“He said he was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, and asked me out. So I said yes, and he said he would bring one of his ‘mates’ to dinner at Bella Vita Ristaurante.” she said kissing her fingers blowing Sloane a kiss. Sloane felt like laughing, really and Angelina was actually foolish enough to believe this creeper in Omegle?
She smirked a little, she might as well have a good laugh, and joke around with her friend coworker tomorrow.
“I know what you are thinking. It might be some creepers, but hey- maybe they’re cute! And maybe if they are nerds it will be fun to play around with them, pretend we are Scotland Yard or something.”

Sloane said nothing and stuffed several cannolis with thick custard cream.
“Hey you never know, and maybe we might get lucky and get with the actual boys. All of the boys in One Direction are super cute!”
Sloane actually thought it was rather childish for Angelina a 23-year-old adult woman with a degree in culinary arts to be pursing and getting worked up after a teenage boy band. Besides the odds of them actually being One Direction were one in a million. She said nothing.

Now, I knew who One Direction was, everyone did. I wasn’t obsessed with them, but I liked their ballads- they were just not my type of music.
I liked relaxing music: Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Adele, Michael Buble and the great oldies such as Queen and The Beatles music for “old people” as Angelina had put it.

“Alright, let’s meet here around quarter to 7 and take the tube together to the Italian restaurant. I’ll ask Logan to take my night swift and close for me, How’s that?” she batted her eyelashes at Sloane who didn’t even bother turning to face the eager blonde.
“Ta. Sounds gear.” She said monotone, paying her complete attention to the cannoli.

Well, this is out of routine right? A small change is always refreshing. Thought Sloane expecting the double date to be a fraud. For her life to be normal the morning after, little did she know it would never be the same again...



Tube – the subway train.
Gear – Great
Ta – yes or thank you.
biscuit- cookie

AN: Ah! chapter one! What do you all think?I really have a good feeling about this story I think you guys will really like it! (I know I love it)
I already have the whole plot developed, character development and backgrounds too...
Comment/fave/review (good and bad both appreciate it)  Thank you I love you all! :)

*** This Harry story is going to be going steady it will take a while for anything to happen, but I do want to make it as realistic as possible. People don't just jump into I LOVE YOU! in a day or two, it takes time to build a relationship and that is what I'm going to do...***

-Xx G94

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