Far Away [ Harry Styles]

Sloane Byrnes is your ordinary girl. Because of her haunting past; she has low hopes for her future ,and believes she will never up to anyone great in life. That is- until one day fate brings her together to meet Harry Styles and her life becomes completely flipped upside down.
A story about insane people, dreams, tragedy and love. A tale filled with vicious plot twist, romance and mystery.
Find out how Harry changes Sloane's life and how she change his.


4. Hello, Hello Baby


I don’t think I had never been more thankful for a Sunday in my entire life. And why? Because I knew that today I would not see H. I knew that I wouldn’t hear from him either. It would just be me, myself & I and that’s how it was.

Last night I was just as rude as he was to me on our ‘first date.’
I replied shortly to all of his questions and literally stormed off the car once he dropped me off without even saying thank you.
Then suddenly my phone begun ringing it was an unknown number.
No, no, no, no, no. Please don’t let it be, him. And so I ignored the call, I figure if it was something important they would call again. And they did, and I ignored it. And they call again and I ignored it. Until they interrupted me in the middle of watching ‘Sherlock’ and I got upset. “STOP CALLING ME!”

“H-Hey! Its actually me.” This wasn’t H.
“Huh? Who is this?” I asked confused.
“It’s Louis, I’m terribly sorry to bother you I just wanted to apologize for Harry standing you up like that- he can be rather rude sometimes…”

I sighed in exasperation, “How do I get him off my back?”
“Off your back?” Louis sounded confused.

“The thing has been harassing me at my work for two days in a row.”

Louis chuckled a little. “Well congratulations you have achieved every girls dream!”

If this is what society dreamed off now. god help me. I don’t want to live in this planet anymore.

“You’re a real douche you know that? What you did to Angelina wasn’t cool.”

I could already picture Louis grinning on the other side of the phone line.

“Sorry?” he tried poorly.

“Doesn’t cut it pal.”
“You don’t even sound mad.” I guess he was right to be honest, I didn’t really care.
“No. I guess not. Angelina should’ve seen it coming.”
“It was still awful of me tho.”
“Don’t feel bad Louis, it could be worse. You could’ve done what H did.”
“H? H as in Harry.” he stifled a small laugh. I just wanted o end this conversation I was missing from Sherlock’s genius on the tellie…

“Yes. That’s what I call him; just hearing his name annoys me. Makes me angry.”

This time Louis couldn’t help it and he laughed.

“Take him back.” I almost pleaded.
“I can’t. He’s all yours now.”
“And here I thought you were nice…” I let out a disappointed sigh and cuddled into my small sofa.
“You thought wrong sweetheart.”
“You suck. Did you just call to make fun of me? How did you even get my number?”

“Wasn’t hard- I called to apologize!”

I knew Watson had just said a punch line, and I missed it because of Louis.

“If this is what apologizing is to you then stop it- I’m missing out on my show!”
“Touchy-“ he teased.

And I hung up. I attempted to catch up to Sherlock Holmes’s genius, when my phone rang again the same number. I gave up on Sherlock and turned the tellie off.

So I answered.

“I can see why Harry likes bothering you- you are pretty silly.” He laughed.
“Louis, I am going to hang up.” I jeered.
“Okay, I am awfully sorry about what Harry is doing, I’m just glad that things are working out-”
“shut up.” I growled. He chuckled a little. There was a brief pause before he spoke.

“I look forward to seeing you around Sloane.”

I simply hung up. And crossed my arms and legs Indian style. I felt frustrated, great first Harry harasses me and now his best friend had joined in his little game. Why was Louis even so worked up about this?
I let out a frustrated sigh. Still I couldn’t put my finger on what was so amusing about bothering me- I was ordinary, ol boring Sloane Byrnes, I mean nothing interesting ever did happen to me…

Come Monday, I didn’t see H all day long.
Tuesday, H didn’t stroll in for his cupcake.
Wednesday I was beginning to think I would never see him again.
and Thursday I was oh so happy.

I now had two shifts a day so instead of working 6 hours a day I would be working 8. I was literally singing, “It’s a Beautiful Day” by Michael Buble as I cleaned the windows with zest.

“When you said GOOD-BYE, my whole world shined! Yeah-yeah, yeah!” I threw the rag up in the air and twirled. “It’s a Beautiful day! And I can’t stop myself from smiling-“ I ridiculously sprayed the Windex in the air and twirled under it. When I finished singing I sprayed the window and cleaned it with a wide smile in my face.

Then like all good things it ended. An ear-piercing shriek escaped my lips, because when I removed the cloth from the window there was Harry’s face completely pressed up fogging the glass grinning wickedly.
My heart stopped and it was so much of a shock I stumbled backwards and crashed into the wooden floor.

The familiar late bell chime greeted me along the with Harry’s loud laughter.
He saw and bend over clenching his stomach laughing. I felt completely humiliated and my cheeks were burning. How long had he been standing there?! Did he see me dancing.

“S-Stop laughing!” I barked. “It’s not funny!”

Harry couldn’t even breathe; even little tears were formed at the corner of his eyes. His dimples were accentuating his face as he cackled. I actually thought Harry would have an elegant stuck up laugh but it seemed to be the complete opposite he sounded like a lunatic!
He clapped a couple of time before approaching me still laughing and he offered his hand to me. I brushed him off coolly and stood up on my own my face sill feeling really hot.


“Thought I had gotten rid of you.” I shook my head and hopped behind the counter.
“Nope, not until I get my red velvet cupcake.” He smiled at me, it didn’t seem sincere tho.

“Really?” I asked. He nodded, but that dishonest smile was still playing on his perfect lips. I went to the kitchen and brought back the tray with beautiful decorated red velvet cupcakes. “On the house.” I placed them right in front of him and smiled a little he was finally going to be gone!
He picked up a cupcake in his hand and was about to take a bite, but suddenly stopped. “Wait.”
I almost strangled him, “What now?” I said dramatically rolling my eyes.
“Did you make these?”
“Ofcourse I did.”

He looked at the cupcake again then put it back down on the tray.

“How can I be sure?”
“Y-You’ll just have to trust me!” I had begun tapping my foot exasperated.
“No, I’m sorry. I won’t have it unless I know that you made them.”
“What? Why not?!” I could’ve clawed his guy’s face, why didn’t he leave? What was it about me that made him want to stick around and pester me?!
“’Cause, you are pretty young. If you are working here you must be-“

He was unpleasantly interrupted when I shoved the cupcake into his mouth, smashing the red and white into his face making him all dirty with cream cheese icing.
JUST EAT IT ALREADY! I screamed in my head.
Harry’s eyes were wide and after he swallowed I thought he was going to leave. I could already see him storming away never coming back- instead-
a malicious grin made way to his face his long arms reached over to counter and wrapped around my skull, locking it in place-no.
And he smacked his lips against my cheek making sure to get plenty of icing and breadcrumbs all over my face.
He began laughing again and he let go of my head. And I couldn’t help it, as much as I struggled to fight it- to hide it-
 I started laughing as well. I wiped the food of my face and looked at Harry who was sincerely smiling at me now.

“That’s called laughing.” He said sarcastically. “It’s nice right? You should try it more often.”
“oh shut up!” I snapped back into my senses and stopped laughing.
“You had your cupcake, are you content?”
“Yes, very. It was delicious.” He liked his lips slowly in a seducing matter. His sudden action appeared to be like a curve ball thrown at me. It caught me majorly off-guard.
I shook my head, feeling my ears burning. He smirked; I guess that was a foul ball…
“Okay. What now? Don’t you have like a party to attend or like super celebrity things to do?”

Harry climbed up and sat on the counter, he begun taking off the remains of the cupcake from his face.

“It gets old after a while.”

I raised one of my eyebrows up. Really? Are you comfortable H?
He didn’t seem to realize my disapproval and proceeded this time he actually picked up another cupcake and begin helping himself with it. Really?!
I snatched of the tray before he could take another one and took it back to the kitchen.

“Also before I forget, there was something I wanted to ask you…”


“THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY CUPCAKES?!”  Angelina’s jaw almost dropped to the floor.

“Please contain yourself Lina, we’ve had more orders… This is a rare occasion.” Angie said looking over Harry’s order. It was absolutely ridiculous.

30 dozens of cupcakes to be delivered to                                   Mr H. Styles.
 Saturday, August 17, 9 p.m.

flavors: Whatever you want!


Additional details: Sloane Byrnes to personally deliver it.
 Remember what I told you~

There was about £800 attached to the receipt. I could still remember what he told me before he left after he completely shocked me by making this ridiculous order.
“Wear something nice for me.” And then he winked at me and strolled out just like that.

Change is tip.
XxXxxXxo Harry.

“My…” Angie opened her mouth to speak. I was ready to hear her strategy on this special delivery. I was disappointed when she opened her mouth, and I couldn’t help, but face palm…

“Sloane, I think this boy fancies you!” she giggled.


tellie – television
fancies - likes

British Currency- (I am an American so I use an app to translate the currency, but a pound is almost twice as much as a dollar I think something like that...)


*That's a lot of cupcakes Harry I wonder what's on his mind...
*If you guys haven't noticed I use a line of a random song as chapter titles because I have no idea what to put, see if you figure out where they belong to first person to tell me per chapter gets a oneshot or imagine with whoever they want ;)
*Next chapter is the long one, should be interesting.....

<3 G94

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