Summer Break.

Leslie is finishing up her senior year, and is planning on going to Australia for the summer to take a break from school before she starts college.
She's going with a close mate, Kellen.
They plan on exploring unique places, and taking photos.
Leslie loves photography.
On her journey she meets four fascinating boys.
Will they grow closer than just mates?


1. Arrival.

"Kellen are you ready for this?" I nearly screamed in his face. This was something I could only dream of. 

"As ready as I'll ever be." He smiled and slung his arm around my shoulder. 

We waited another 10 minutes until our flight was called. Once we were seated it all felt real. 

I grabbed my phone out and took a photo of Kellen and me. I giggled and posted it. 


I woke up with my head in Kellen's shoulder. I stretched and grabbed my bag off the floor. I found my camera and turned it on. I popped the lens protector off and looked out the window. The world below looked so different. Unique. 

I was in the middle of taking a photo when I hit the wrong button. An old photo popped up of me and my Mom. I smiled and went back to that day. We were outside, it was my 13th birthday and I took a photo with my brand new camera. She got it for me cause I begged and pleaded for one. I was the happiest person. My eyes started to water thinking about her.

I was 15 when my mom died. She was in a car accident, the other driver hit her on his way home from the bar. I've missed her every second she's been gone. 

I was disturbed from my thoughts when I heard Kellen's voice.

"What? Sorry wasn't listening."

"I said what do you want to do when we land?" He smiled.

What to do when we land? Shit I didn't event think about that.

"I have no clue." I laughed. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well we could put our stuff in our room and grab a bite to eat?" 

"Sounds fabulous." I smirked. I didn't even realize how hungry I actually was.


We landed and those first few steps in Aussie didn't feel real. It all felt like a fairytale, make-believe. I couldn't describe what I was feeling. Everything was overwhelming and scary, but fascinating and exciting. I grabbed Kellen's hand and squeezed it. He looked down at me and smiled. We called a taxi and arrived at our hotel. We weren't planning on staying in a hotel for long, just until we found a flat. 

"Hey, I am gonna change!" I shouted as I walked into the bathroom.

"Have fun." I could hear him laugh through the door. 

I changed into some galaxy leggings, and a loose fitting navy tank top that flowed past my bum. I fixed my hair and put some make up on. I opened the bathroom door and found Kellen typing on his computer. 

"Whats up?" I sat down next to him.

"Searching for a place to stay." His face staying toward the screen. 

"Ready to go?" I asked, as I got off the bed. 

"Yeah, give me a sec." He finished typing and closed the laptop. I grabbed some socks and sat on the bed once again.

"You look sexy." He smiled.

"Oh just a sex magnet." I joked, smiling.

"No serious." He laughed. "You look nice." 

I laughed and put on my converse.

"But you could 'get some' in that.." I heard him before he shut the door to the bathroom. 

"Kellen!" I shouted hiding a giggle. 

He opened the door slightly, just enough to pop his head out. 

"Yes?" I gave him attitude. 

"Nothing." He smirked before closing the door. 




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