Just imagine, dreaming becoming reality.

I dream about fire. I like the fire. I touch the fire. It burns. The pain helps me remember my body's alive. Even when my mind isn't.


3. -3-

Chapter 3

One, two, three, open the god damn gate

I breathed in, opening the six foot gate, since I was unable to see what joy *note sarcasm* was waiting for me. 

Brace for impact.

"Hey look, its the slug!" Charlie shouted out to his friends, Mick and Pig, no one knew his real name. I looked Charlie right in the eye and mouthed. "This is part of the job description is it?" And smirked at his cheeks turning bright red as a response, bright red, the colour of fire, burning in the trees on a hot summers day, uncontrolably red. "I believe you've prepared more insults for today." I stated so bluntly. I learnt to hide any emotion showing on my face. I breathed hoping that it would only get so bad as to insults i had learnt to tolerate, insults from last year a different place, different time, before fire when the ash starts to fly out of the jug the was cherished for years, spreading through the trees onto my house finally igniting, killing everything in its path... "Yeah, we have, you slut. After sleeping with my brother I know a lot more about you, a lot more than you would even care to admit," Pig said, Pigs brother being a Senior and more of a Pig than Pig himself.


I think. "Whatever" I sigh "What is it today, Pig, Charlie, Mick?" I ask not trying to hide the annoyance in my voice. Mick, who is usually the 'teachers pet' of the groug spoke up. "Well first of al-" Brrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg.

Phew! Saved by the bell
I look at my scedule and find I have science, YAY! My favourite. I get to the class making sure that I'm not late because I dont want to live the consequences of getting a detention.


"The next 10 weeks we are learning about things that defy that laws of Physics, fires, for example. Alexandra stop writing notes to Sarah detention after school to both of you." The teacher, Ms Searia, started. I was so excited we were learning about fire, my favourite subject I can't believe it. The morning went by like a blur and before I knew it I was sitting in the cafeteria at the table in the corner of the room reading. I looked over my schedule and memorised my lessons and where I had to go. I went back to my locker to get all the things I need and put away the things I didn't and started walking to the math room thinking about nothing but fire, unfortunately my thinking about fire may have been for the worst. Was it a coincidence or was it my fault???



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