Just imagine, dreaming becoming reality.

I dream about fire. I like the fire. I touch the fire. It burns. The pain helps me remember my body's alive. Even when my mind isn't.


1. -1-

Chapter 1

It was burning and there I was in the middle of it like I was generating the fire. The fire was revolving around me. I was responsible for all the destruction that my fire was causing and I didn't care. I liked the destruction, hearing the roar of the fire, the screams of people trying to put out my fire but I rose above them and it made my fire stronger.


Just go, it'sof your day, that's 360 minutes, 21600 seconds that's all, so toughen up

My dreams started when my voice did. The voice, it was my voice and it made me stronger, and weaker at times. Just like the dreams. Today is a weak day. The first day of my sophomore year. I dreaded going back. That prison was why I'm like this, why I'm this monster.

I decided not to put off getting up any longer. I rolled onto my side,  laying on my arm, my eyes glanced down at my wrist, there wasn't enough wrist bands on there. My eyes darted to my alarm clock. Four a.m. a record, normally I'm up at two. I get up and put on what I wear to run. I open my window and climb out. I run along my usual route but take a detour to stop at the supermarket. I knew it, of course Charlie... I went to the 'Accessories' isle and picked up another 15 wristbands.

There, that ought to cover it.

I went up to pay. $10.50 for all 15 wristbands. I mumbled a note of thanks to Charlie bracing myself for whatever ghastly comment he would make but he just sighed and said "It's fine, but really you shouldn't thank me, I'm just doing my job." I smiled a sickly sweet smile covering my confusion, knowing to get out of the store before my luck ran out. Unfortunately, it was to slow because just as I left he yelled, "Cya at school, you know-it-all slut," sighing, I started running again. 

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