Heartbreak Girl

"Are we friends or are we more?"
Luke Hemmings starts to fall for his best friend, Rylie Anderson. But, she's oblivious. While she has an on and off relationship with Ashton and comes to Luke for support, he realizes he could treat her so much better.

2. 2.

     I wake up at about 11 a.m. but stay in bed on my phone until about 12. I don't want to get up. I have no energy or motivation to do anything. I just want Rylie. Ashton can't treat her well. He doesn't deserve her. I hop out of bed and pull on a tshirt. I brush my teeth, style my hair, and eat breakfast before grabbing my longboard and leaving the house. I ride to Calum's, who lives just down the street. When I arrive I hop off my board and let it roll into the grass. I walk up to their front door and ring the bell. Suddenly, Calum's face is pressed against the glass. I can't hold back my laugh as he opens the door and lets me in.

     "Hey man," he greets me, initiating our signature handshake. 

     "Good to see you," I say. Calum nods with a smile.

     "It's been a few days. What've you been doing?" he asks, leading me to his room. 

     "Helping Rylie. She's called about Ashton multiple times," I answer with a sigh. I run my hand through my hair as I plop down on his bed. Calum shuts the door behind himself as he walks to the bed.

     "I'm sorry," he says, placing a hand on my shoulder and sitting next to me. I bury my face in my hands and groan. 

     "He just treats her so badly. I could be so much better, Calum. She deserves more. I could be more," I mutter, more to myself than Calum.

     "I agree," he says, squeezing my shoulder. He reaches over to his speakers and starts playing some music. He sprawls out on his bed and I climb into his big black circle chair with my phone in hand. I decide to text Rylie. As if he was reading my mind, "Don't," Calum advises. I sigh and settle on checking my tumblr. One ask. I view it. 

     "OMG i wish i knew u in real life u could be the perfect bf we both love skating and stuff:)"

     I answer it with a thank you. I cuddle up into Calum's chair and close my eyes. I start to think about Rylie and what it would be like to show her how she should be treated. I would cuddle with her until she falls asleep every night. I would sing to her and play guitar for her and teach her how to board. I'd take her on late night walks and tell her stories and let her bury her face in my neck during scary movies.

     My thoughts are interrupted by Calum's constant screaming at his games. "Dude, shut up," I groan. 

     "But I should be winning!" he shouts defiantly, eyes never leaving his phone screen. 

     "Whatever. Can we just go boarding? I'm stuck with these thoughts and I need to clear my mind," I offer hopefully. 

     "Yeah, yeah. Just one second, let me finish this level," he stalls. I groan. 

     Knowing Calum, a level could take hours. 

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