Heartbreak Girl

"Are we friends or are we more?"
Luke Hemmings starts to fall for his best friend, Rylie Anderson. But, she's oblivious. While she has an on and off relationship with Ashton and comes to Luke for support, he realizes he could treat her so much better.

1. 1.

     "I mean," she sniffles, "I love him so much. Then he leaves me just randomly and comes back. I know he wants me, because he always comes back, but it still hurts, Luke." I sigh, squeezing my eyes shut and running my hand through my hair, trying to think of an answer. 

     "You deserve a lot better," I assure her, switching my phone to my left ear. 

     "Thanks, Luke, but I really don't. He's the best I can have. He gives really nice hugs and he smells like heaven and I love being with him altogether." I sink lower into my chair. 

     "Rylie, Ashton's one of my best mates, but he doesn't treat you well enough," I try to convince her. Why can't you see what's standing right in front of you? I bite my tongue in an effort not to say anything else. Sure, I like her, but how could I convince her to like me if her mind is so set on Ashton?

     "He does. He brings me flowers when we fight to say sorry and his kisses-"

     "Okay," I interrupt. I did not want to hear about how much she enjoyed kissing my best friend. "He treats you well when he wants something. Like you. What about you, Rylie? I know you're caring and all that, but sometimes what you want has to matter." I hear her sigh. 

     "I don't know, Luke. I'm kind of tired, it's getting late." My ass, it's only 11:32 p.m. And it's a Saturday. She's probably getting a call from Ashton. 

     "Right, yeah. It is getting late."

     "Oh, and Luke?" Don't get your hopes up..don't get your hopes up..


     "Thanks for being a friend. It means a lot." My heart sinks to the floor. No matter how many times I tell myself she's not going to say what I want her to, it always hurts when she confirms it.

     "No problem. Goodnight," I say, before pressing the End Call button. I put my hand on the back of my neck, rubbing it in frustration. I throw my phone on my bed and grab my guitar. I pick out my favorite guitar pick, a baby blue one with a star cut into it. I sit on the floor at the foot of my bed and hold the pick between my teeth while I tune my guitar. I play for quite a while, everything from Give Me Love to Jasey Rae. When I start getting sleepy, I decide to stop. I rub my eyes and peel off my black Ramones t-shirt and skinny jeans. I grab a pair of pajama bottoms and hop into them while walking towards the bathroom.

     Once I finish my get-ready-for-bed routine, I crawl into my pile of blankets atop my comforter. I close my eyes and concentrate on something other than Rylie. At least, that was what I planned to do. She hasn't left my mind since the phone call.

     I can't fall asleep for a long time and end up staring at the ceiling, hands folded over my stomach. I decide to listen to music until I fall asleep, picking apart the meaning of the lyrics as I do.

      So close but so far away. She sleeps alone. My heart wants to come home. I wish it was, I wish it was, beside you.

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