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Elena and Harry just found out that they are going to have a baby. How will the cope with all the stress? Will Harry be there for them both? And will this "happy ever after" last much longer? Read more to find out!

"I don't get it, I hid the bump just fine before. Why isn't it working now? I guess this is just how it starts. I'm just going to get bigger and bigger. This is going to be a long nine months"


12. Waiting


"So what's it like? having something growing inside of you, eating for two, back pains, and exponentially expanding?" he took a sip of his tea that he hadn't finished yet. We were sitting on the sofa, I was facing towards the door and Marcel was sitting facing me with his back resting on the arm of the sofa. I slowly turned so that I too was sitting with my back on the other end of the sofa and now I was facing the button up, khaki pants wearing, brother of my wonderful husband. 

"I'm doing everything for two now, I'm eating for two, drinking for too... water and juice that is, I'm  walking around for two, I'm exercising for two, and I'm weighing for two. It's a weird feeling at first, but I love it, I really do. The growing thing doesn't bother me most of the time but I'll look through my closet a lot and see dresses that I can't wear anymore which is upsetting, because I have some super cute dresses. Trust me." I shook my head looking at him, "It has it's faults but I love the idea of being a mother and that I'm carrying apart of Harry and Me growing inside my belly," with that I rubbed my hand over my stomach in circles. Marcel looked at me and then looked at my stomach,"Have you never felt a baby bump before?"
"No, I'm the youngest of the family remember," I tried moving towards him but it ended up being me pushing myself towards him because I couldn't lift myself up. "May I?" he asked motioning to my belly. I nodded lifting my shirt slightly so he could touch my belly. His hand barely touched my stomach, it almost hovered over it, I grabbed his hand and put it onto my stomach, "you won't break my stomach."


I laughed nervously when my hand was placed on her stomach. My "aunt" Lou had her baby Lux about two years ago, she wasn't nearly as large as Elena is now at 18 weeks. Come to think of it she is probably twice as large as Lou. Hmm I wonder what that is all about... None of my business I guess. 

I hadn't noticed that my hand was still resting on top of Elena's stomach, "oh, sorry, I didn't mean to... I spaced out" she chuckled to herself and placed her own hand on the bottom of her belly. "Harry will be here soon, to take you to the doctors in the mean time what do you want to do?" I asked, I was bored and I didn't want to keep thinking about baby things, I was already learning about them at school I didn't want to learn more about it on my free time. 

Marcel was funny, I knew he didn't want to hear about baby things, it's not really something you want to talk to boys about. "I want to know about the 'famous Harry Styles' little brother, what are you doing with your life? and what do you plan doing?, any girlfriend?, are you going to school? tell me anything," I looked at him, pushing myself back towards the arm of the sofa. He sighed, "I want to do something with technology and computers. That's kinda the plan for now, but I'm only in my second year of college, so who knows I could always change my mind. No girlfriend, in fact girls don't pay much attention to me honestly, I think you're the longest conversation I've had with a girl since I was little. I visit Lux a lot, she stays at the house sometimes and I think she will be coming down here with her mother soon, but I'm not sure... I'll call Lou later. Anyway how's my brother treating you? He hasn't done anything stupid has he?"

I laughed at Marcel, he reminded me so much of Harry. "Marcel, did you know that the more you talk to someone the less nervous you sound."

"I do... I hadn't... I didn't notice..." he trailed off and looked down at his hands and began messing with his thumbs. I chuckled at him, he was no Harry Styles that's for sure. They could even be polar opposites. But Marcel was nice and seemed so innocent. You would have no idea that Marcel was the same age as Harry if you really looked. Harry seems so much older. "Do you always wear sweater vests?" I asked, honestly I was curious why someone would wear a sweater vest, they seemed uncomfortable. Marcel laughed and nodded his head, "at school I went to a dance once and I wore a nice shirt but yeah, sweater vests they're my trade mark thing you know? Like Harry has the tight jeans, well I have sweater vests."

I couldn't help but laugh at Marcel giving Harry crap. "And you have the same curly mess on the top of your head like Harry?"

Marcel nodded again, "I just comb it over and keep it shorter than Harry, I'm surprised you haven't gotten him to cut it yet, mum would have by now. And I'm sure she will when she get here. He isn't the greatest at going against her word. A real mama's boy you know? Nothing like me of course."

Harry's voice appeared from the front door way, "Telling stories already Marcel? You know I'm not like that" he smirked at his brother. Hanging up his keys and slipping his coat onto our coat stand. Marcel gulped and got up to go over to Harry, as soon as Harry was five feet away from Marcel his speed increased so that he could pick Marcel up over his shoulder and swing him around a couple times before Marcel began fighting back and they landed on the carpeted floor in our living room. Being boys they continued wrestling without any reaction from me telling them to stop.

The door burst open and a slightly short women with black hair and tan skin walked through it dropping her bags by the door and looked around our home. "Harry Edward Styles, and Marcel Desmond Styles stand up right now and say hello to your mother," they both immediately got up off of the ground and tried straightening themselves up before walking over to her and giving large hugs. And muttering a series of 'hello mum' and 'I missed you' or even 'it's nice to see you too' before letting go of her. There was a man standing behind Harry and Marcel's mother, whom I assume is their step father. Harry greeted him with a handshake and one of those 'bro hugs' next Marcel followed in the same fashion. The man picked up the bags and slipped past the exuberant Anne, who didn't seem to notice him leaving into the other room with his bags and hers balanced him his arms. She continued looking around the house and started pacing so she could look at everything.

"Where is Gem?" Harry asked finally speaking up.

"Heavens if I know," Anne said, "now this must  be the blushing in law that I've been waiting to meet, I always knew Harry would to everything he could to keep me away from you. Did you know that these two boys," she paused gesturing to the two boys that stood behind her with dumbfounded looks plastered into their faces,"they are embarrassed by me. I bet if I didn't ever see any of the boys in Harry's band when they were in the X-Factor I would have never met them for as long as I lived. And as for Marcel he just is worried I'll embarrass him, but trust me honey I will embarrass those boys both equally. You'll see." I laughed, Anne was sweet, and reminded me so much of my mother. She had Harry's sense of humor and she seemed to be just as cheeky as him as well. I could get used to her coming to visit us. She is emanating light and was very friendly. So far so good, now I'll have to do is master getting myself up from my constant sitting positions and meet this Gemma, Harry and Marcel's sister. This shouldn't be too hard right?




in case you cannot tell I have started "rebooting" this story. I was reading through it one night and realized how much fun I've had with the plot before I got myself stuck so I have continued it again and I hope to keep up with it consistently. I have deleted some chapters so if you are a fan that's read it through until I stopped I would honestly suggest re reading the few chapters that are on here now so that you can get the feel for where you are and know where I left off. Thank you for your time and I hope you love the new and improved story I've created for you guys! 

Much love

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