Everything has changed **in progress again**


Elena and Harry just found out that they are going to have a baby. How will the cope with all the stress? Will Harry be there for them both? And will this "happy ever after" last much longer? Read more to find out!

"I don't get it, I hid the bump just fine before. Why isn't it working now? I guess this is just how it starts. I'm just going to get bigger and bigger. This is going to be a long nine months"


9. Meet the family

After putting Niall on the sofa I walked back into our room and brushed my teeth before getting into my warm bed again. Harry turned to face me with eyes half open and his 'just woke up' husky voice, "What was he talking about babe?" I had never really told anyone about my family, even Harry. The only people who know are Niall and Carmen.
"Nothing sweetie, but we should get to bed, your family is coming over tomorrow," he nodded and shifted his position so he was laying on his back as I just stayed with my eyes to the ceiling, completely awake and in five minutes he was fully asleep and snoring again. 


Background Knowledge:
- Mother: Anne Cox

- Father: Des Styles

- Sister: Gemma 

-Brother: Marcel (twin brother)

Parents (Anne & Des) are divorced

Gemma just got married 

Marcel is slightly younger then Harry, by maybe 6 months at the most.


"Yes mom I know..yes.. no don't worry.. Tuesday.. Okay good bye mom.. yeah love you too," Harry hung up the phone and crawled back in bed wrapping his arms around my still expanding belly, and sighing deeply before settling in again after his mother called in the middle of the night to remind him about Marcel or something silly like that. 
I was wide awake now so I carefully got out of Harry's death grip and pulled on a pair of his sweat pants, lastly I pulled on a sweat shirt and walked over to the kitchen so I could heat up some water for tea. I took my mug off the black counter top and pored the hot water in, next I cut up some lemon and squeezed two pieces into the water leaving one as a whole piece and plopping it into the hot water. No caffeine anymore, thanks to this little one, not for another four months. 

~No one's  POV~
 Elena grabbed her tea cup and headed out to the porch where she stepped outside into the chilly night air. Wrapping herself a little tighter in her sweat shirt.

~Harry's POV~

I woke up (for the third time tonight) feeling cold, to see Elena gone and as I stepped into the main room connecting to the kitchen I saw Niall pasted out on our couch, shaking my head at him I looked into the kitchen I saw that the sliding doors leading outside were open. But there she was, just her, sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest the best she could (taking in the fact that her baby bump was expanding making it close to impossible). Elena was also holding her tea cup with two hands just looking out past the other houses and out at the sea and the morning sky. A lot has happened in this past year or so, but I know I wouldn't change a thing. Not for anything in the world. Now Elena can meet my family and twin brother too. Mom called telling me that he was coming over Tuesday (which happened to be in a little less then ten hours). As much as I could stare at her forever, even though she wouldn't last long because when people stare at her for too long she dips her head and looks at her feet trying to hide her face. Tomorrow is an early morning so I am going to try and grab enough winks before I'm forced to wake up again. Studio time here we go!

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