Everything has changed **in progress again**


Elena and Harry just found out that they are going to have a baby. How will the cope with all the stress? Will Harry be there for them both? And will this "happy ever after" last much longer? Read more to find out!

"I don't get it, I hid the bump just fine before. Why isn't it working now? I guess this is just how it starts. I'm just going to get bigger and bigger. This is going to be a long nine months"


7. Boy's night out


Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam and I all sat around the table drinking beers and listening to the game that was playing in the living room. I didn't know what to say, so I just kind of went ahead, keeping it short and simple.. or is the expression short and sweet, oh well, "Lads, me and Lena are having a baby," looking around the table I saw my family. These lads have been through so much with me I just hoped they'd be happy about it. But then I looked at Niall. He had spit out his drink and was coughing.

~Niall ~ 

What was I supposed to say? 'Congratulations bro, you're having a baby with the love of my life.. the girl of my dreams?' no I couldn't say that. I can hear my heart beating inside me, but I have to be there for them.. well not him. I have to be there for her, I promised her brother (my best friend) that I would always take care of her. I wiped my mouth and stuck out my thumb at him, "Congrats mate," I managed to choke out, "I best get going, I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.. Night boys," I know that they knew I had nothing to do tonight, but no one stopped me as I walked out the door with my coat in one hand and the rest of my beer in the other. I walked towards my house, but I couldn't go home. No not yet, time to head out again, I mean what awesome party doesn't have an after-party? Oh crap! I left my car at their house.. Well that means I don't have a limit tonight, maybe I'll just get it when I'm done with my drinks, who knows maybe I'll run into Elena



"Well that was, u, slightly-"
"Awkward," I finished Liam's sentence. 
"No guys I think Niall is right, plus Elena will be home sometime soon anyway. See you guys another time?" Harry moved picking up the beers and pushing us out the door.


Somehow that went just as I had thought it would. Niall was still in love with Elena, I can see it, but I hope that this will finally put the pieces together for him that Elena and I are starting a family and that we are happy. She is mine and not his, as I am hers. Elena just texted me, she told the girls and she'll be home in a few minutes. I picked up the plates and food quickly and switched the television onto another re-run of something we had seen a thousand times, ran back to my room brushing my teeth quickly to try and get the taste of beer out of my mouth. Then back to the living area and jumping off the ground and landing onto the sofa just as she opened the door and sighed. She joined me on the sofa and within minutes I was asleep with her laying in my arms as she should be


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