Everything has changed **in progress again**


Elena and Harry just found out that they are going to have a baby. How will the cope with all the stress? Will Harry be there for them both? And will this "happy ever after" last much longer? Read more to find out!

"I don't get it, I hid the bump just fine before. Why isn't it working now? I guess this is just how it starts. I'm just going to get bigger and bigger. This is going to be a long nine months"


5. A quick hello


After we dropped Carmen's stuff off we walked over to the boy's houses, we lived in an apartment complex you could say. All of ours houses looked close to the same and were in the same big area but they weren't connected. Think of it as a rectangle, the top left corner was Niall's house, the top right corner is Louis's house, the one in the middle middle left is Liam's house, and the one in the middle right is Harry & my house, and the one in the bottom left is Zayn's house and the bottom right is a kind of guest house.

 Liam, Dani, El and Louis were sitting around the table while Zayn was up in the shower. Danielle and Eleanor squealed when they saw Carmen walk in the door. Carmen and I put our fingers to our lips as if to make the e quiet. Danielle and Eleanor copied us and walked over to Carmen smiling the whole time. They had grown to be very fond of both Carmen and I, they always asked about us and while Carmen was away they constantly counted down the days until she got back. I had time to bond with them when Carmen was gone, which was fun because I wasn't as close to them in the beginning like Carmen was. Niall walked up to her, "Hey little sis", he gave her a big bear hug lifting her up off the ground a bit. 
"I hope you haven't caused anyone any trouble while I was gone", Carmen teased him.
Niall looked at me and then back at his sister, "Oh no! Not me. I've missed you sis", he grabbed her and pulled her in for another hug. Zayn walked in just then wearing black jeans and holding an empty glass. Carmen swiveled out of Niall's grasp and stood where Zayn could see her. He looked at her doing the full head to toe scan of her. His eyes widened as he realized that she was standing right inn front of him and he dropped the glass in his hand so it shattered on the floor. But he wasn't paying attention to that, he just kept looking at Carmen. El & Dani gasped, I jumped and Carmen, well she just kind of chuckled. 
"Hey Car!", he sounded so excited and happy to see her. It reminded me of they day they first met and they way he used to sound. He walked over to her giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. He stepped back again to look at her, "You look stunning".  

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