Everything has changed **in progress again**


Elena and Harry just found out that they are going to have a baby. How will the cope with all the stress? Will Harry be there for them both? And will this "happy ever after" last much longer? Read more to find out!

"I don't get it, I hid the bump just fine before. Why isn't it working now? I guess this is just how it starts. I'm just going to get bigger and bigger. This is going to be a long nine months"


1. Let's call this a re run


Harry drove me over to the hospital late this afternoon. The doctors checked up on me and they ran a few extra tests, but they wouldn't tell me why for whatever reason. Harry sat on the hospital bed next to me holding my hand until the doctor came in and asked Harry to leave. I looked up at him quickly confusion and fear flashed over me face but I squeezed Harry's hand before he walked out of the door. 

*Outside in the Hall*

I don't understand why I had to leave, she is my girlfriend. What could possibly be wrong with her that the doctor made me step out on. 

*Back inside with the doctor*

I found myself cracking my knuckles as a nervous habit, "What is it doc?". The doctor raised an eyebrow at me and shook his head, "You have nothing to worry about, everything is going smoothly". 
"What do you mean everything is going smoothly? I haven't been able to hold a meal down in a week! Now please just tell me whats wrong with me so I can go home". 

*Outside with Harry*

I can see Lena inside talking to him. She looks confused and tired. I just want to be with her and hug her, but I need to get a hold of myself for her, if I'm not calm when I come back inside she will freak out even more and I don't want to upset her. 

*In the hospital room again*

"Miss, please don't worry. There is nothing wrong with you, I should be congratulating you really. It's not everyday that you are going to expect a baby". My jaw dropped, "E-e-expecting a what?!".
"A baby miss, it is too early to tell, but what you've been experiencing lately is morning sickness. We will get you everything piece of information you'll need to raise this baby. Inside and outside when the time comes. But I have one question... Are you going to tell him? Or have you already?", he signaled to Harry who was standing in the hall. 

*Outside going in*

I called Louis after pacing for a good five minutes. He always knew how to talk me through things, he even helped me the last time Lena and I fought. But I kept my eye on the room that Lena and the doctor were in, I wanted to be there for her if she ever needed me. I love her and I'd do anything for her. "Bye Lou I'm aloud to go back in again", I hung up quickly and stormed over towards the room. I had seen the doctor signal to me, that is a sheer sign that I was aloud to go back inside. I ran in. The doctor greeted me at the door, "Congratulations!", he said quickly before practically sprinting out the door. Lena looked up at me, I looked at her confusion wiping over my face, she looked down and held her stomach. But not in the kind of way I had seen her do when she was sick, no this was more of a protective kind of way. My mind shut down and I ran my hands nervously through my hair. 
"If you don't want to do this you don't have to. I can raise this baby on my own you know that, right?", she slowly got off the hospital bed and pulled on her skirt she was wearing earlier. I didn't say anything, I tried to but nothing came out. She motioned for me to turn around so she could put on her shirt and her bra. I turned, trying to gather my thoughts before she assumed that I was having second thoughts. Elena tapped me on the shoulder, "Harry, Please.. say something?".
I looked at her and placed my hand on her stomach, "You two are my heaven, and I'm not letting you go without a fight, I've taken a punch to the face and a whirlwind of emotions for you Elena, and there is no why a baby is going to change the way I feel about you, it is just going to make me love you more." She smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss before entwining her hand in mine and walking out to get stuff from the doctor. 

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