Freedom has a price

When 18 year old Katherine found out about the battle for african American rights she had to help. Katherine was white, which was uncommon for a Freedom Rider. Katherine had to help the african americans, but she knew there was a price to pay for going against president Kennedy's laws.


3. May 3, 1991

 May 3, 1991

  Today I must pack. I will join the freedom riders so I will be gone for a long time. The Freedom Riders will lead nonviolent pretest while traveling all over the east cost protesting in each state we pass. We have to take multiple busses because there are to many of us to fit in one bus. Each bus will go to different states so we wont have to travel as much as we would have had to. As I am packing I realize how dangerous this will be. I will got to jail no doubt. I may have to go to the hospital, which i am aloud to go to one of the cleanest hospitals unlike people who are black. I feel more and more bad for them as I think about this, which makes me want to help even more. 




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