Freedom has a price

When 18 year old Katherine found out about the battle for african American rights she had to help. Katherine was white, which was uncommon for a Freedom Rider. Katherine had to help the african americans, but she knew there was a price to pay for going against president Kennedy's laws.


1. May 1, 1991

  May 1,1961

              Dear diary,

         A battle has begun. A battle for freedom. President Kennedy's laws say only white people can enter restaurants and that white people and black people have to drink from different drinking fountains and that they have to go to different schools. White people have cleaner bathrooms, schools, and well everywhere! Its not fair so when african Americans started to protest I know i have to help some how. My mother is worried about me though she wanted me safe, not fighting the law. " Your only 19 " My mother would say every time i talked about helping. I know I have to do something, but I just dont know what. I guess I will just sleep on it.



         * Guys please tell me if I should continue! This is a true story! Me and a friend did a project about the freedom riders and her grandma was a freedom rider. We did an interview with her so this is all TRUE! I changed her name for certain reasons tho!*

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