Take You To Another World

*Mature Content*

Micah and Kaila are best friends who are both abused by there family. They are seniors and have a job at the Hard Rock Cafè in London. One night at work changed there lives forever.

*I hope you like it! This is my first fanfic*


1. Meeting One Direction

*Micah's POV* I put my pink 1d headphones on to drown out the noise coming from downstairs, even though it didn't work very well. I hate my mother and father. They are always fighting. I heard my dad start to come up the stairs. "Oh shit" I thought to myself. My dad burst into my room yelling "What the hell are you doing!!!!" "N-n-nothing" I manage to stutter. "Bullshit" my dad said as he slapped me across the face. I become enraged. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!?" I shout. "You will learn. Take off your clothes." "No!" Then he lunges forward and starts hitting me untill I pass out. I wake up in the morning really sore. "At least he didn't rape me" I thought. I walked into my bathroom and started the shower. I step in and the warm water hits my skin. About 10 minutes later I get out, do my hair and makeup, trying my best to coverup the bruises my dad left me , then grab my purse and head out the door for school. "BYE SLUT!" I hear my dad shout. I roll my eyes. I get in my car and start the engine. Immediately One Direction comes on the radio.. I start to sing at the top of my lungs noticing a few strange looks from people. As soon as I pull up to a parking space I see my best friend run up to me. "Hey Kay" I say. "OMG GUESS WHAT! ONE DIRECTION IS IN FUCKING LONDON RIGHT NOW!" She shouts. "I know." "Whats wrong? Is it your dad again." "Yeah" I reply. "Its okay Micah.. my dad didn't hurt me though." "That's good! Well we better get going. Class is about to start." "Okay" We run off into class. We have all the same classes. Time flies and before I know it I am getting ready for work. I put my hair into a ponytail and dress into our uniform. I get into my car and pick up Kaila. "Micah! Get table 24!" My boss shouts to me. "Okay!" I walk over and see five boys sitting at table 24. I then notice its one direction. I instantly start fangirling and run to find Kaila. "KAILA KAILA KAILA KAILA ONE DIRECTION IS AT THE TABLE I AM SERVING!" I scream "OH MY GOD! WELL QUIT YOUR FANGIRLING AND GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE!" "Okay." I say trying to be calm. I walk over and ask "What can I get you?" Trying not to scream. "I will have a coke" they all said at the same time. "Okay.. may I add I am HUGE fans of you guys." I reply. "Well thanks!" Niall says in his perfect, thicl, irish accent. I smile and run off to get there cokes. "This is going to be the best night ever" i think to myself. Authors note: How do you like it so far? I'm trying :)
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