Why me


2. the interuption

the boys ran in yelling "lets get the party started" they took the seats next to me and asked who that beautiful lady was...  i said "idk, lets see" "whats your name sweet heart?" she said in the sweetest voice "skyler, and you r one direction, louis niall harry zayn and liam" we all said yep. harry liam and niall went over to the dance floor to mingle will zayn met perrie at the front. i finnally got some alone time with what was it o yeah the beautiful name of skyler. i got to the point really wen talking to her i nwrote my phone number on a napkin gave it to her and said call me if you want and ended it with my little smirk. i grabbed the boys and left the club. on the way out i peered over my should to see skyler staring at me with a smile.


writters note

srry its a small chapter :)

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