Why me


1. The dance floor

Louis pov

she was beautiful. Dancing in the tight black dress with black sparkly heels.. One of the djs turned on the wobble so of course every one started to do it. I took that song as a chance to get in and talk to the beautifw lady..I slip in right between her and a really old creepy dude with one arm... A thought went through my head how did he get in here and how did the girl get in here also this club is for celebrities only and she didn't look fimiliar. But then I realized that she cauld either be someone's guest or sense she so pretty the guard let her in but back to getting her to talk to me .. I make a gesture to the dj to play a fast but partner song. He turns on the song rock n roll. I quickly grabbed her to "claim" her as my partner. She smiles as we start to dance I asked her what her name was but she would answer me cause she probably knew who I was and she was really shy..when the song was over she shyly walked away to the bar. I chased after her.. I embarrassed my self from my own clumsy ness by tripping over my foot and fell into the bar chair next to her.. She chuckled with that cute pretty girl chuckle.. I couldn't help but starring straight into her hazel eyes.. I asked if she knew who I was when

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