"I've got it! I've got it! I finally got it!!" I took the time to give myself a little nice pat on the back. Suddenly there was a loud scream coming from the house. It was him. "I'm coming after you! You little brat!" he screamed. I ran as fast as i could. I sprinted outside and across the field while panically searching for a safe place to hide. Finally i spotted a hedge that separated two houses nearby. Hopefully he wouldn't find me. I found a way to snuggle myself in between the large bush and stuffed the objects I stole into my large jacket pocket....

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~~Shout out to Maggi <3 for making the trailer to this movella.~~


14. ~Witness~

"Run! Hide! Now!" He yelled at me. "They're coming!"

"How about you?"

"I'll be fine. They just can't see you. I'll leave another note in your locker about the next time we can meet. HURRY!"

II looked around for somewhere to hide. I quickly ran behind the slide in the playground, but it wasn't very wide. This was the worst hiding spot ever. I was never good at hide-and-seek... The wolf pack that were on the motorcycles spotted Zayn, pulled up in front of the park. It was the same people that invaded the bank plus another man I couldn't make out well. The sun put a huge glare on him. When he got off his bike and went more towards Zayn in the shade, that's when I first saw my dad in action.

Zayn's P.O.V.

She ran off behind a thin slide in the playground. I don't know why she didn't just go behind the large tree over there. She was never great at handling panic situations... Well, that's Jay for ya and it's too late anyway to do anything about it. She'll manage. They pulled up by the curb and I sat here pretending they weren't there. I hate how they think they can control us like puppets. I just want to punch them in face and run off, but I know that's almost impossible. They are tough and there are too many. That's why I need Jay's help.


All, but one guy came up and completely surrounded me. The one that stayed back by the bikes looked like Mr. Neroli (Jay's "ex-father").

"Hey, yo, Mad C! Look who we found!" one of the members called out. Mr. Neroli made his way up to me and got in my face. To be honest, I'm not afraid of him. I'm just afraid of the power he has over me, if that makes sense. His breathe had the worst stench ever. It smelled like alcohol and cigarette.

"Oh well if it isn't little Zayn" he said "Do slow ride and barfly know your here?" I looked at the ground and played with the grass using my feet, completely ignoring him. "DID YOU HEAR ME!!!???" he screamed!

I rolled my eyes. Mr. Neroli's face turned bright red with fury. He brought his rough hands and smacked me across the face. The gang behind him laughed. My face hurt intensely, but I sucked it up ad showed no pain. Instead I looked him in the eye and shot him my dirtiest look.


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