"I've got it! I've got it! I finally got it!!" I took the time to give myself a little nice pat on the back. Suddenly there was a loud scream coming from the house. It was him. "I'm coming after you! You little brat!" he screamed. I ran as fast as i could. I sprinted outside and across the field while panically searching for a safe place to hide. Finally i spotted a hedge that separated two houses nearby. Hopefully he wouldn't find me. I found a way to snuggle myself in between the large bush and stuffed the objects I stole into my large jacket pocket....

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15. ~Uh-oh....~

-Jordyn's P.O.V.-

I peeked my head out to see what's going on. "Hey, yo, Mad C! Look who we found!" one of the members called out. Mad C? Is that what they call him? He made his way to Zayn and got all up in his face. Get out of his space! I can't believe he had to go through that all these years. He has so much power over him, but Zayn is strong-willed. He looked completely different from head to toe. He definitley wasn't my dad anymore. More like my ex-dad

"Oh well if it isn't little Zayn" he said "Do slow ride and barfly know your here?" What the freak! Who the heck is Barfly and slow ride? Are they the ones who kidnapped him. Zayn just sits there and ignores him completely. WHAT IS HE DOING??!! He can get killed! "DID YOU HEAR ME!!!???" he screamed back at him! He rolled his eyes! He's giving attitude! Why is he doing this to himself? It's a recipe for disaster. "Mad C's" face turned bright red with fury and he smacked Zayn across the face. That's it! Now he's abusing him! I want to go out there and help him, but staying here can help him stay out of trouble, although he's already asking for it. His face was bright red like a tomato, but he showed no pain on his face at all. I like how he can control his emotions. Zayn just gave my "ex-dad" dirty looks.

Mad C looked up past Zayn's head and looked straight at me. Uh-oh... I think I might have just a bit too long of a peek. Shoot he saw me! What do I do?! I couldn't run!

"Hey! Who's there?" He called. I saw him take a small shotgun out of his pocket and he walked toward me. I was panting out of control. I'm trapped.....


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