"I've got it! I've got it! I finally got it!!" I took the time to give myself a little nice pat on the back. Suddenly there was a loud scream coming from the house. It was him. "I'm coming after you! You little brat!" he screamed. I ran as fast as i could. I sprinted outside and across the field while panically searching for a safe place to hide. Finally i spotted a hedge that separated two houses nearby. Hopefully he wouldn't find me. I found a way to snuggle myself in between the large bush and stuffed the objects I stole into my large jacket pocket....

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13. ~Nice to meet you again?~

...I looked further out and saw a figure on the bench. I wasn't going to get my hopes up. It could just be a lady with her children. So I casually walked over with my hands in my pockets. As I got closer, the fog started to clear up and I saw--- Riley?? I knew that he wasn't going to show up. It's almost ten minutes past five. Maybe he couldn't get away, which is understandable I guess.

"Hey Riley! What are you doing here?"

"I don't have much time."

"Umm... what?"

"Don't you recognize me?"

"Riley, I know it's foggy and all, but I can see you."

"Jay, look closer!" Even though it's been a while since the first time Riley called me Jay, it still hit me like it just happened. Wait a second, Riley has been the only person to call me Jay and he was the new kid. People that I've known for years, have never thought of that nickname. Also his chocolate brown eyes, his personality; how come I haven't thought about this sooner. Now that I've read between the lines, I know for sure!

"ZAYN??!!" That's why I became so attached to him. How could I have missed this. He went to school with me! I hugged him and tears rushed down my face and he laughed his same crazy laugh that I missed hearing. Then curiosity kicked in. "But-"

"Okay I know you have many question, especially about my whereabouts and why I look like this, but your going to have to let me talk. We don't have a lot of time. First things first, do you have the money."

I handed him the twenty dollars. He looked displeased.

"I'm sorry. It's all I could get. Our bank was-"

"I know. It's okay." How did he know that the bank was robbed?

"I'm going to try to get as much information in as possible, okay?" I nodded and let him speak, but he was whispering. "Jay, I'm sorry for causing you this trouble. It's not like I could control it. I've been giving Sophie the notes to put in your locker. " OH, so that's how she knew about the notes.

"The reasons why I have blonde hair and glasses are because I had to blend in. You know about the wolf pack. They are a large gang and they're everywhere. This is why I'm whispering right now. Plain sight is their best disguise. They can look like ordinary families, but really the kids are their hostages. We were forced to change our appearances, so we weren't recognized. I was sent to school, so I would look less suspicious. When police found out about this gang, they tried tracing them down. Every household they went to were part of the wolf pack, but the police wouldn't even know. Even our teachers at school are part of the wolf pack and no one would know. That's why I couldn't tell you any of this at school. They would be watching me and I'd get in trouble and beat me  and do horrible things to me. I even had to get a job and work so that I can get money for them to buy drugs. Sometimes I overhear their plans for their next crimes and their whereabouts. Today their meeting, so it was the perfect time to get out and see you."

"How come you didn't just tell me this at the bakery?"

"Most of the customers that came in were part of the pack also. They watch over us, so we don't blurt anything out. More and more kids would disappear and police activity rose. This is why I didn't want you telling anybody because you never know if they're part of the pack. You didn't tell, right?"

"I only told my parents about the ski mask and Sophie about the notes. I'm sorry. I didn't know. Would that effect anything?" His mouth was completely dropped.

"I thought you knew about your father."

"Knew what about my father?"

"Jay, he's part of the wolf pack! Not only that either. He's also one of the head wolves! But he didn't help kidnap me. You need to help us escape, but your the only person we can trust right now . We are counting on you."

I had no words. My own dad knew all along about this. He took part of this gang and he's a police officer. That was probably the best disguise anyone could have. I can't take anymore. My father just became my mortal enemy. This is why he's been skipping work, so he can go meet with his pack. He told me he tried. He told me he tried to bring him back to me because he knows how much I care. Little did I know, he didn't really care about me or him. Just his gang and his money. Tears started to come from my eyes. I had to be tough. I'm in this for Zayn and all the other kids out there who are missing. Everything's starting to come together now, but I'm still curious about some things. Although I know it would hurt, I ask anyway.

"Who took you Zayn?" I said frantically, knowing that we were short on time.

"It'll be a lot for you to take in, but-"


We heard motorcycles in the distance. Riley-- I mean Zayn -- was panicking.

"but, what Zayn. I need to know!"

"They're here..." he said under his breathe. "The pack! They're here!" he said much louder and his face went pale. He could get in so much trouble being here with me. He can get beaten or even killed.....

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