"I've got it! I've got it! I finally got it!!" I took the time to give myself a little nice pat on the back. Suddenly there was a loud scream coming from the house. It was him. "I'm coming after you! You little brat!" he screamed. I ran as fast as i could. I sprinted outside and across the field while panically searching for a safe place to hide. Finally i spotted a hedge that separated two houses nearby. Hopefully he wouldn't find me. I found a way to snuggle myself in between the large bush and stuffed the objects I stole into my large jacket pocket....

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~~Shout out to Maggi <3 for making the trailer to this movella.~~


11. ~Mr. and Mrs. Wisk~

-Jordyn's Mom's P.O.V.-

Me and my husband got ourselves in the police car and drove off into the streets to get to Shaun's home. It's not to far from our house. His car is out on the driveway which means he's home. We pounded on the door, but no one came out to answer. We knocked again and I said "This is the VSP open your door". VSP stands for Virginia state police. After we peeked through the window and saw someone finally coming to the door.

"Edith?" I said. "Weren't you kidnapped?" Then Shaun came up next to her.

"Oh yes that was horrifying! They took me away, but a couple minutes after, they chucked me out on the road. I realized where I was and walked myself home."

"That's funny, then how did you come home without a scratch. You look perfectly fine."

"I guess I'm just lucky, but my bones are aching." I wonder if she's lying to me. Something's up. It's almost impossible to get thrown out of a car and not get any kind of bruise or scratch.

"Mrs. Whisk, we'd like to ask you a couple questions." Right when she nodded her head I heard a thump come from upstairs. "Mrs. Whisk, is there someone else in this household?"

"No, certainty not. Just me and Shaun" she said, still having that cocky smile plastered on her face. She's acting creepy and Shaun and my husband didn't say a word. What's going on? I rushed upstairs and they followed. I opened the first room door and saw the window opened and a lamp on the ground. I guess the wind could've knock the lamp down and made that sound. I was overreacting way too much. When I looked back, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Wisk's faces show anger. Now my husband speaks up,

"Well, we better get going. Thank you for your time. We'll keep you updated."

I was very embarrassed and my husband looked  disappointed in me. I just want to go home and relax but we have to work the night shift. Ugh, I made a total fool of myself.

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