"I've got it! I've got it! I finally got it!!" I took the time to give myself a little nice pat on the back. Suddenly there was a loud scream coming from the house. It was him. "I'm coming after you! You little brat!" he screamed. I ran as fast as i could. I sprinted outside and across the field while panically searching for a safe place to hide. Finally i spotted a hedge that separated two houses nearby. Hopefully he wouldn't find me. I found a way to snuggle myself in between the large bush and stuffed the objects I stole into my large jacket pocket....

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5. ~Getting to know Riley~

We were in the kitchen working on our school project.

"So how should we start?" Riley said.

"Maybe we can start drawing and labeling the brain on the board."

"Sounds good."

Riley outstretched his arm to grab the pencil on the other side of the table. That's when I realized a long cut on the bottom of his right arm that's wrapped with gauze.

"Riley what happened?"


"I mean to your arm. You didn't have that at school."

"Oh...umm... my cat scratched me..." he looked uneasy. I could tell he was lying. Plus that didn't look like a

"Okay then.."

Riley continued with drawing the brain and labeling their parts. He isn't a quite guy, but he seems very secretive. I wonder why. After about an hour and a half, we finished up some of the poster and he headed back home. My phone rang, it was Sophie.

"Hey what's up!"

"JoJo, I have bad news..."

"What? What's going on?!"

"It's Alicia."

Not Alicia! She is always trying to get on my nerves. Freshman year was the worst. Not only because that's the year where Zayn died, but because she used to tease me about it all that year. Alicia was one of my best friend, then she became a backstabber and a bully. I was so mad.

"What does SHE want?"

"You know when you threw up in class today, she took a video, posted it, and had a whole paragraph on how much a loser you were."

"What's wrong with her! What made her think this is alright!"

"I don't know, but just know that I'll always be by your side just like in freshman year."

"Thanks. I can't believe she didn't learn her lesson after you punched her in the face." I giggled and so did Sophie.

"Right! I just thought you should know. Sorry JoJo."

"It's alright I appreciate it."

"Do you want me to come over to watch a movie or something to take your mind off of it?"

"No it's alright. It's been a long day and I just want some time to myself."

"Okay then see you tomorrow."


I hung up and grabbed my jacket. Maybe a walk would clear my mind. I go to the café that's down the street to get myself some coffee. I'm third in line to order. To kill time, I just checked my email. Then I heard the familiar ringing bell when the door opens and along with that I heard the voice of a girl I hated right now, Alicia and her clan. She stood behind me in line.

"Look who's here, the puke master. With that outfit on, I'm surprised she isn't puking now." They all laughed.

I tried my best to ignore her. It was my turn to order. I took my coffee to go because I didn't need to listen to anything she had to say. It was starting to get drafty outside, but I kinda liked it. I continue walking around and pass by the Malik's house. I stopped by the hedge we used to jump over, just for old times sake. I stood there and took everything in, then I noticed something in between the bush. I was black. I grabbed it and immediately realized what it was. It looked like a ski mask. It had the initials W.P. on the front. Whoever Kidnapped Zayn had this. I'm glad I found this because maybe it could help us find the murderer. I ran back home and showed this to my parents who took it to the police department the next morning. The search for the culprit is back on!

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