That Day - A 1D Fan Fiction

April was just 11 years old when her parents both died in a car crash, shes now 15. After 4 years of living in that old run down orphanage shes dying to get out. One day 5 guys come to adopt her.. but who could they be?


2. Our orphanage

April Rose's P.O.V

I woke up at 6:00 am, I quickly turned on the shower and jumped in. It felt good to have the warm water run down my body. I looked at some of the scars I had of when I was bullied, I never cut but those scars were from when they pushed me. I turned the shower off and got into my outfit for the day, A black crop top that says New York, my denim shorts and my red vans.I applied my makeup, Mascara, eyeliner, foundation and lip gloss.  I ran downstairs and by the time I got there it was 8:00. I sat down at the table with everyone. Cassie, one of the leaders read out a list. " Okay, today all girls from the age of 5-10 come downstairs at 12:00 today". Everyone nodded but I just sighed quietly, It didnt seem like I was going to leave here anytime soon. I got up and put my bowl in the sink. I was about to go upstairs when Cassie called out to me. " April can you please come into my office?" I gulped and slowly walked into the office. I wonder what I've done wrong this time. "Sit" Cassie says as I obey. " Today is your lucky day April, 5 guys want to adopt you!!" Tears sprung in my eyes, they were happy tears. I walked upstairs and packed all my stuff up, I didnt have much. I hugged my 3 best friends as I whispered to them, " I'll never forget you." I heard my name being called downstairs so I ran downstairs with all my stuff. When I got their I saw 5 super hot guys standing there." Hi I'm Louis" one of the guys said, he has brown hair and the most adorable eyes. " I'm Niall" says the cute blonde one, I'm guessing hes irish due to the accent. " I'm Liam" says the one with the buzz cut and sexy eyes. " I'm Zayn" The one with black hair says,. and the last one says " Im Harry" he has the cutest curly hair. I say bye to everyone as we jump in the car. " Whats your name? " asks Harry. " April Rose, I dont have a lastname yet."

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