Best Song Ever

Georgia rose is a normal girl but what happens to her when she meets Niall Horan?


3. Chapter 3

* 1 year later*

"Hey Georgia have you heard the new 1D song?" Alex said running into my bedroom.

"No have you?" I asked.

"Nope I just want you to hear it first!" she said with a smile on her face.

"I'll listen to it later, i'm watching CSI." I said unmuting the television.

"Ok whatever but i'm not listening to it until you do.You know in case it's about you."

"Look they are never going to make a song about me! He probably forgot about me like half a year ago." I muttered angrily.

"Still." she said then walked out of my room.

Hours went by and I was debating if I should listen to the song or not. Finally I decided to listen to it  just once.  I plugged in my earphones and pressed the play button.

Maybe it's the way she walked,

Straight into my heart and stole it

It sounded normal so far. 

Through the gate and past the guards,

just like she already owned it


I said, "Can you give it back to me?"

she said, "Never in your wildest dreams!"

Sounded familiar. The chours sounded good but then...

"She said her name was Gorgia Rose, and her daddy was a dentist."

That one line explain the whole song. I felt sick, like I had been punch in the stomach but it was just the feeling of my heartbreaking. I soon got enraged and I really had no idea why! Maybe it was because he hadn't come back for or because I didn't make him stay. Just the I felt tears wellig up behind my eyes and I broke down crying. Alex must of heard me and she came running into my room.

"Oh my god are you ok?" she said hugging me. I pushed her off.

"Leave me alone and take this fu**king song with you!" I yelled as I threw my Iphone at her.

"Please just go!" I said as I buried my head into my knees.

"Umm ok, ow." she said sounding confused. I didn't know exactly why I was so sad and frustrated. I mean he remembered me and he wrote a song about me and I realized that, that ws the most romantic thing ever! Then I thought about how I had treated ALex and i decided to apologize.

When I had gotten downstairs she was on the phone with someone and when she saw me coming she said, " Call me back later!" and shoved it into her pocket.

"Hey Gorgia are you feeling any better?" she asked.

"Yah and i'm sorry of throwing my phone at you and could I have it back?" I laughed.

"It's alright I know how you feel." she said.

"So when is your fashion show going to start?" I asked.

Ever since last year Alex has taken up degsining and she has already made two amazing fashion lines so se'e really well know. And I guess I am too. I model for her Alex and I are both 20. But that means that I know what teen want in a book!

"It's in 3 hours you should started getting ready." she said. 

"Oh and pick out a nice dress tonight we're going to be on the red carpet!" she squeaked with excitement. 






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