Best Song Ever

Georgia rose is a normal girl but what happens to her when she meets Niall Horan?


2. chapter 2

Niall’s P.O.V.


At first glance I was deeply in love. I couldn’t help it. I could also see harry staring at the girl with the black hair. No wonder he likes her, he is such a flirt. When she started walk towards us my heart almost stopped.


“Hello my name is Georgia, Georgia Rose and this is my best friend  Alex Hilton.” she said with a sweet smile.


“We are huge fans!” Alex chimed in. I could notice she was looking at harry and so was he.


“That’s really nice of you girls!” louis said. I couldn’t help but say something to her.


“You have a beautiful name, Georgia.” I said shyly.


“Thank you!” she blushed.


“I see that your friend has a thing for harry.” I said. Georgia’s friend, Alex and Harry were talking and laughing. I couldn't help but chuckle and I guess Georgia had the same idea.


“Hey why don’t you guys come and have dinner with us tonight?” Liam said.


“That’s a great idea! I could introduce my new girlfriend, Destiny, to you guys.” Louis said. 


“Then it settled meet us at our hotel room around 6:00.” Harry said.


“Alright see you guys at 6:00!” she said as they walked away.


Georgia’s P.O.V.


 I couldn't believe I was going to Niall’s hotel room to have dinner with the boys! Alex was spending the rest of the day getting ready to see harry again. it’s unusual for her to get ready for so long. i’m the one that a usually takes all day to get ready for something. I dressed into skinny jeans with a dark green tank top that had the faded words, Tank Top. I slipped on my high heel sneakers and waited for Alex. When Alex came out of the bathroom she literally looked like a super model. she was dressed in bootcut jeans with see through white blouse with a royal blue tank top under it. She had high heeled boots on and she looked amazing in them.


“Wow Alex you look amazing!”


“Are you saying I don't look good on a daily basis?” she joked.


“Ya that’s exactly what i’m saying!” I said rolling my eyes.


“Whatever let’s go!”


On the way there we talked about how crazy it was for them to invite us to Niall’s hotel room.

Once we had arrived they were waiting for us right at the door and lead us inside. 


*After dinner* 


Louis, Liam, Destiny, and Zayn had to leave after dinner so that left us alone with harry and Niall.


“Well what do you guys want to do now?” I asked.


“I have an idea. I’ll be right back!” Harry said as he ran off in to another room. When had gotten back he had a bunch of speakers and Niall ran over to help.


“What are these for Harry?” Niall asked.


“I think they are for a party!” Alex said happily.


“You are correct, love” he said plugging them in. That night was the best night of my life. We danced all night, I mean Niall and I. So did Harry and Alex. While Harry and Alex were still dancing we stepped out to talk.


“Look Georgia you stole my heart, can you give it back to me?” Niall said.


“Never in your wildest dreams.” I giggled. Just then his lips slammed into mine, and with out hesitation I flung my arms around his neck and the he did the same with my hips. It was the perfect first kiss. It was such a passionate kiss I never wanted to stop. I could truly tell that he really loved me and even though it sounds crazy I loved him back. When we pulled away from each other I said, “I love you Niall Horan.”


“I just want you to remember me when I leave.” he said.


When he said that I felt like crying.


“Don’t leave!” I said hugging him.


“I’ll come back for you .”he said hugging me back.


After all that had happened we went back inside to say our good byes. To our surprise We saw Alex and Harry kissing so we decided to leave them alone.


“I’ll miss you Niall.” I said.


“I will to.” he said as he laid his forehead on mine.


Once Alex and Harry were done with their make out session was over we left to go back to our flat.   

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