A Dream

Haley and Siraya are at The X Factor when their boyfriends Harry and Niall audition. They get formed into a band called One Direction. The couples break up when they start falling apart. Haley moves to England with Siraya and they become best friends. When Haley and Siraya join Little Mix, and they become famous. Niall and Harry realize Siraya and Haley are their ex-girlfriends. What happens when Haley and Siraya bump into Niall and Harry again?


9. The X-Factor

Siraya's P.O.V                                                                                                                                   *one week later* Me and Haley were at the X-Factor audition. We were up after this girl named Perri Edwards. "Woah she was awesome!" i said to Haley and she agreed. We went up and sung They Dont Know About Us by 1D. They thought we were awesome! Me and Haley said thankyou and ran off the stage hugging eachother. Perrie turned to us and said we were perfect and 3 more girls named Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade. They were really good singers too. We thought about being in a group together.                                                                                                                 Haley's P.O.V                                                                                                                                     We acually made it and im soooo happy! We ran off stage and got complimented by the girl that went before us and a couple more girls. We talked about being in a group but Jade wasnt so happy about the idea but we told her that it would be perfect. Me and SiSi were so greatful and i felt like we were on top of the world!

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