A Dream

Haley and Siraya are at The X Factor when their boyfriends Harry and Niall audition. They get formed into a band called One Direction. The couples break up when they start falling apart. Haley moves to England with Siraya and they become best friends. When Haley and Siraya join Little Mix, and they become famous. Niall and Harry realize Siraya and Haley are their ex-girlfriends. What happens when Haley and Siraya bump into Niall and Harry again?


11. The Discovery

Harry's P.O.V

Me and Niall were sitting on the couch watching tv. We stoped at some random channel. We saw it was a Little Mix interview. I almost cried when i saw SiSi. They were all single. But not Perrie. I recognized her, Zayns lover. Niall was just staring at Haley. We were just happy to see them. We were going to starbucks in a couple in minutes.

Siraya's P.O.V

Me, Haley, and the girls went to starbucks. We ran into the Jonaskians. Jai, Luke, and Beau. We talked for what seemed like 20 minutes and gave them our numbers. We ordered. I turned around to see Harry and his mates. I threw my hair in frount of my face but it didnt work because he said "Siraya is that you?" i slowly turned around and said "in the flesh..." I saw him looking at me in the corner of m eye. I turned and said "dont you know its rude to stare love" with my voice cracking up because I started crying. I told Harry to just call me later and me, Haley and the girls left.

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