A Dream

Haley and Siraya are at The X Factor when their boyfriends Harry and Niall audition. They get formed into a band called One Direction. The couples break up when they start falling apart. Haley moves to England with Siraya and they become best friends. When Haley and Siraya join Little Mix, and they become famous. Niall and Harry realize Siraya and Haley are their ex-girlfriends. What happens when Haley and Siraya bump into Niall and Harry again?


28. Back to relationships

Haley's P.O.V.

I was standing there holding onto SiSi's arm while the evil twins slowly walked out of the house. I looked around and found Niall hugging Selena (who was crying for no reason) YA KNOW im the only who is seriously crying, im the one with a red hand print on my arm and hes hugging her?!? My face was red and I felt like I was completely on fire! "I was s-s-s-so sc-ared N-N-Niall" ok that's it! "YOU WERE SCARED?! DID YOU GET STALKED? NO! DID YOU GET DEATH THREATS? NO! DO YOU HAVE A GIANT HAND MARK ON YOUR ARM? I DONT SEE ONE SLVT! SO SHUT THE HELL UP!" There was a silence until Perrie, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne walked in. O...M....G! MEH BABES!!! I don't care what just happened im now focused on them. Me, SiSi, and Jade ran to them (group hug!!!) Jesy looked over at Niall who was still holding Selenas hand...oh no. "EXCUSE ME! Mr. leprechaun what do you think your doing? Why is Haley not holdin your hand? Niall James Horan I will personally hurt you in every type of way!" He quickly let go of her hand and started slowly walking away. "

Sorry my mom is making me get off

the computer :( xxSISIxx

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