His Cold Touch

A young pair of teens fall helplessly in love, many mysterious secrets are to be unravelled as the male and female figure get to know one another better, for the worst.


1. News

 We sat on the cold patchy grass, my head was snuggled onto his shoulder, hand in hand, we enjoyed the beautiful melody the birds provided for our ears pleasure. I felt as if I was in some typical old-school romance film, the big willow tree shaded us from the radiating sun and gave us the right amount of privacy with the droopy branches 'protecting' us from the cruel outside world. 

I felt free, with every second i'd inhale a deep breath of the freshness, and overlook and examine the beauty of the hidden park we discovered. The sky looked 'happy' and the clouds looked whimsical and magical. I was happy, everything seemed better and more joyful when he was in my presence. A smile was smeared onto my face, and nothing would be able to remove it.

Moments later he spoke up in his mysterious gravely voice. "Seems like this is our temporary spot eh?!  it's peaceful, and beautiful. He turned his head towards mine slowly and stared into my hazel eyes and whispered "but obviously not as stunning as my princess." It made me feel uncomfortable and i could feel my cheeks burn up with the bright colour that would mix with my ginger hair. I giggled at his unexpected comment with unease. I tilted my body towards his and moved my back from the rough bark, from the ancient tree, I closed my eyes and let our foreheads meet. Before I realized we were rolling down small grassy hills, the long uncut grass would tickle us as we laughed and enjoyed the start to our summer romance. The day went on, we told embarrassing stories and spilled deadly secrets. 

Time went on quickly before they even realized. The morning turned to night, and the radiant stars glared over us. "Well, it's probably time for me to promenade you to your castle,princess "  joked Jordan. "That would be lovely, except my parents.." I grumbled. 

A frown drifted across Jordans face, he knew i was right. My parents wouldnt accept me hanging out with someone like Jordan. He wasn't one of us. 



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