his kiss

He is not my perfect match and he could be rude sometimes. He drinks a lot and when he is drunk he is crazy. He loves me, he loves me NOT. I keep telling myself that he is no good and that he is using me. I try to run but I can't leave. I want to leave and forget him but I always come back because of his kiss. His kiss tells me everything.


3. the bar

Marilyn's P.O.V Addison decided it would be a good idea to go to the bar today. I wasn't working so I agreed. We decided to leave around 9:00. It was now 8:00 so the girls should be here any minute. Addison, Michelle and I are helping each other get ready. Michael invited 5 of his friends so they are going to meet us there. I heard someone knock and I opened the door and saw the girls. "Hi come on in" I said. We went to my room. "Okay we all know that Addison has the best style, Michelle does the best make up and I do the best hair designs. So we are all gonna do that for each other." I said. They both nodded their heads signalling that they agree. Okay so we all showered at our houses so that we will be ready. "So I brought some dressed and I know which ones will look best on you guys." Addison said. "And I know the perfect make up designs to do" Michelle said. "And I know the best hair styles" I said. An hour later we were ready. our dresses: my dress: (yellow) Addison dress: (pink with sparkles) Michelle's dress: (gray with black belt)

Make up: Me: 



Hair: my hair: 

Addison's hair: (without the Vail)

Michelle's hair: 

And we are off!!! To the bar/ club!!!!!!

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