his kiss

He is not my perfect match and he could be rude sometimes. He drinks a lot and when he is drunk he is crazy. He loves me, he loves me NOT. I keep telling myself that he is no good and that he is using me. I try to run but I can't leave. I want to leave and forget him but I always come back because of his kiss. His kiss tells me everything.


2. Marilyn

Marilyn's P.O.V

Hi!!!!!! My name is Marilyn and I am 19 years old. I am a party girl!!!! I am also a one night stand kind of girl. I am a stripper for a living. Its not the best job but it pays good. I am only a stripper at night for bars.during the day I am a drive thru girl at McDonalds. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite food is sushi. My best friends are named Michelle and her brother Michael and Hannah and also Riley. When I was little Michael, Michelle, and I made a club called the M and M's but I suppose you don't care about that. I have one sibling and he is the cutest thing ever his name is Joshua but I call him joshie. He have blonde hair and blue eyes and he is 5. Oh and I am a blondie, too but I have green eyes.

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