Back To Reality(Sequal to I'm Just A Loser)

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Description: Harrys cancer was all a nightmare in his coma. Thank god he wasn't actually dead. Now he has to make up 5 years of his life. He has to snap 'Back To Reality'


9. Chapter 59

It's been a couple of months since the death of Darcy happened. I still feel like anytime im alone i can just feel her next to me.


"Babe you don't look so good." Emily had walked into the room.


"I just miss Darcy." I stated.


"I'm sorry."


"No, its fine," I stood up, "Now what's up?"


"I was just coming to tell you Tyler and Brody want you to play with them."


"Of course." I smiled.


When i got down the stairs Tyler was pushing a small train around and wooden track. 


"Hi boys." I smiled sitting on the floor next to Brody.


Brody was pushing a small metal car and also making car noises. 


"Here daddy." Tyler handed me a wooden train. 


I pushed it around the track with Tyler. He would tell me when to stop and "pick up people". Brody would keep telling me to run past the crosswalk. But everything was perfect.


"I'm tired." Tyler rubbed his eyes.


When his eyes opened, his blue eyes looked super tired.


"C'mon nap time." I picked up Tyler and Brody held my hand.


"Love you Daddy." I tucked in both of the boys. 


"Love you boys." I smiled adjusting the blankets and pillows for them.


I sat in the room for a little bit to make sure they went to sleep. I closed the door and it made a soft noise. Walking down the hall way i remembered Darcy's image appearing right here. Its okay harry you need to move on from that.


"Goodnight Em." I whispered into her ear while wrapping my arm around her waist.


"Goodnight Harry." 


And with those two words she was out.




i know short chapter but i wanted to get in something before i write the epilogue tomorrow.


Chapter 60 will be the epilogue chapter + last chapter


I'm not sure what i would do with out you all


love you lots(: bye

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