Back To Reality(Sequal to I'm Just A Loser)

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Description: Harrys cancer was all a nightmare in his coma. Thank god he wasn't actually dead. Now he has to make up 5 years of his life. He has to snap 'Back To Reality'


6. Chapter 56 (Cruise Gone Wrong: Part 2)

Chapter 56- (cruise gone wrong Part 2)


"Dad." I hear a voice running towards me.
I look up and see Darcy. She has teams brimming the edge of her eyes. 
"What's wrong?" 
"Your gonna hate me." She crys.
"No I will always love you Darcy now what is it?"

*Harrys POV*

"Dad... I've been raped." She crys.
"Why would I hate you?" I hug her.
"Cause I went along with everything." 
"Tell me exactly what happened." I look her in the eyes.
"Well I was walking around the ship and was lost. He looked like a worker so I asked him how to find this pool since mum said you were over here. I didn't ask how to get here though. When I asked he took me to a room and said this is a secret way. We went in the room, I knew something was up but went along with it anyway. He closed and locked the door. He told me not to scream or kick and go along with him or he would kill me. He held the gun to my head and told me to strip. I wasn't wanted to die so I obeyed him. Then he raped me. He told me if I told anyone he would kill me, but I have to tell you. Because you are my dad and can help me catch him." She sobs.
"Honey I'm not mad at you. I know I should be since it was bad but when he threatened to kill you I'm glad you went along with it. I couldn't have you dead." I say.
She half smiles, "I'm glad you understand dad." 
I give her a big hug and tell her everything is going to be alright.
"I don't wanna walk around the boat by my self anymore." She says.
"Me either. You need to always be with us. It maybe embarrassing but I need you safe." 
"I know dad." She smiles. 
After that she sat on the chair next to me while we watched the kids swim. Then Emily came over with Edward. 
"I'm glad you found dad safely." Emily smiles.
Darcy looked like she was about to cry agian.
"Baby what's wrong?" She asks.
"Lets talk about it later." I whisper. 
She nodded in agreement. We grabbed the twins and headed back to our room.
"Now lets talk about what happened." I say.
Darcy nods and we sit with Emily.
"Mum, I was raped." 
Soo... Plot change much?
Y'all were commenting. "I think Darcy is prego."
Love you all still though(:
So I play the sport softball... And we had a game tonight... And I hit my first homerun(: 
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