Back To Reality(Sequal to I'm Just A Loser)

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Description: Harrys cancer was all a nightmare in his coma. Thank god he wasn't actually dead. Now he has to make up 5 years of his life. He has to snap 'Back To Reality'


5. Chapter 55 (Cruise Gone Wrong: Part 1)

Chapter 55- (Cruise Gone Wrong: Part 1)

*Darcys POV*

"Who you texting?" My dad asks.
"You know... The usual." I lie.
"Who's that?" 
"You know... Um... Uncle Louis daughter Kayden." I studdered he's gonna know something's up and I'm gonna die.
"What?" I half scream. That attitude shit.
I sigh in defeat.
"Password." He asks.
"0403." Luke's birthday just my luck.
"That sounds like.... Wait." He looks at my phone.
"Why are you texting Luke?" He's mad.
"Urg.... Fine. He's my boyfriend." I yell back.
"Why wouldn't you just tell me the truth." I'm in so much trouble.
"You would kill me if you found out I was dating your best friends son." 
"No I wouldn't have. Cause love is love some matter what... But seriously Darcy! This is the worst thing you have ever done." Yep he's really mad now.
"Dad it would have been awkward to tell you."
"You need to tell me these things...." He trials,"does Louis know about this?"
"No... We were keeping it a secret. Look dad I'm really sorry."
"Just please Darcy, next time tell me. I'm calling Louis to tell him what's up... Ok?"
"Yes daddy, I'm sorry." 
Holy shit I got out of that better than I thought. 

*Harrys POV*

"I just can't believe they would lie to us." Louis says through the speaker. 
"Me either." 
"Mate I have to call you back later. There's a problem..." 
"Ok bye." 
I hang up. I couldn't believe Darcy kept this away from me. I just couldn't. This vacation is gonna go by so slow...

(3 days later) 

Only 2 more days till our cruise is done. We've had a bunch of fun celebrating the birthdays and me and  anniversary. Best family vacation ever. 
"Daddy can we go swimming?" The twins asked.
"Yeah, sure. Go out on y'all trunks and lets go." 
After about 10 minutes they came out in there trunks with towels in there hands. I helped them put on there floaties and we started to walk to the pool. It was cute watching them swim.
"OMG your Harry. From that band called one direction. That was famous a while ago." A girl says next to me.
"Erm... Yeah." 
"Can you sign my back?" 
I take her sharpie. Why is she carrying around a sharpie? Oke then. And I signed her back.
"Where's Emily?" She asked quick.
"Erm... Some where on this boat. I'm just here with the twins." 
Well this is akward. 
"Dad." I hear a voice running towards me.
I look up and see Darcy. She has teams brimming the edge of her eyes. 
"What's wrong?" 
"Your gonna hate me." She crys.
"No I will always love you Darcy now what is it?" 
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