Back To Reality(Sequal to I'm Just A Loser)

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Description: Harrys cancer was all a nightmare in his coma. Thank god he wasn't actually dead. Now he has to make up 5 years of his life. He has to snap 'Back To Reality'


4. Chapter 54

Chapter 54-

*Emilys POV*

"Darcy, Harold Jr, Brody, Tyler." Me and Harry call up the stairs.
4 sets of feet stumble down the stairs.
We are meeted by 17 year old Darcy, 10 year old Edward(Harold Jr), and the 5 year old twins Brody and Tyler.
"We have a surprise for you guys." I pipe up.
"What?" They all say in union.
"We're taking y'all on a cruise." Harry says excited.
They all jump up with joy. 
"It's kinda a birthday gift for y'all and our 15 year anniversary cruise." Harry smirks.
After 15 years I still feel butterfly's when im around him. And sparks still fly when we kiss. We are also still the loving couple that met at 18 years old. 
That was 15 years ago. I couldn't believe me and Harry were already 35 years old and had so old of children already. 
"When are we leaving for the cruise?" Darcy asks. 
"Tomorrow, so lets get a packing." I answer her. 

*the next day*

"C'mon kids you ready?" I yell up the stairs.
I find 4 body's immediately in front of me with suit cases.
"Clothes?" I stare at Brody and Tyler cause I knew they wouldn't.
"Check." They grin proud.
"Bathing suit?" 
"Oh crap I forgot." Tyler says running to his room.
After Tyler came back down with his suit we packed the suitcases in the back of the car. 
"C'mon Harry were gonna miss our flight." I yell laughing.
I ran into our room to see him just standing there in his plaid shirt and shorts.
"C'mon big guy. We're gonna miss our flight." 
"Not until you give me a kiss." He smirks.
"Fine." I laugh. "Pucker up big boy." 
I leaned in and kissed him.
"Better." His dimples show.
Damn those dimples still get to me. 
"Ewwww." I hear 2 kids say.
"Hey I told you to stay in the car." I laugh.
"Yeah you took to long." Edward appears from behind them.
"Now lets go." I pull them out to the car.
I hope into the passenger seat and Harry into the drivers seat.
"Everyone buckled?" Harry looks in the mirror to the back.
"Check." They all say in union. 
(Skip car ride) 
"Oh shut our plane leaves in 5 minutes." Harry says as we get out of security. 
We all started to run to our gate that was on the other side of the airport.
They were just about to close the gate but we stopped them. 
We finally got on the plane and were lucky to get seats. 
"Here put this in your mouth kids." I had them a piece a gum.
"Mum I think they know where to put there gum." Edward laughs. 
After the long plane ride we arrived where the cruise boat was docked.
We got into the/7 on ship and all sprawled out over the 2 king size and 1 full size beds. 
We all messed around with our phones and the boys played on the DSes.
"Ready for the best summer ever?" I ask.
"Yeahhhhhh." Everyone laughs.
I love this family cause no one is negative nancy thank god. But something random is that only Darcy and Edward turned out with British accents and Brody and Tyler turned out American. Hmm... Weird right?

*Darcys POV*(lol something new)

We finnaly arrived on the cruise. Once we got to our room I got out my phone and started texting my boyfriend. My secret boyfriend. I couldn't tell them who I was dating or they would flip.
Cause I was dating Luke Tomlinson.
Ermgggg... Clifthanger.... (: 

Ok so I'm gonna start asking questions at the end of each chapter(:  awnser in the comments(:

"Which kid do you like the most out of this sorry from what you have heard about them so far?"

~Darcy and Lizzy

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