Alexis is your average-ish 18 yo girl, she goes to her local high school (friends) has a small group of friends and has a BEST friend called olivia. She lives in Tasmania Australia loves all types of music especially marianus trench but has no idea one d exist until she goes on a once in a life time trip .tk London with olivia and gets dragged ing a party and her eyes lock on a beautiful pair of blue eyes. Will everything turn out perfect?

This is my first movella and i would like to say a big sorry if it's bad plz no hate xx



Alexis POV 'Ugh' i moaned as i toppled out of my extremely comfortable bed and not to mention warm. LEXI Olivia yelled at me from down stairs. Me and olivia have been besties since like ever, we share a biggest two story flat slap bam in the middle of town and have lived together for like two years and yeah. Anyway i ran down stairs trying my hardest not to face plant at the end of the stairs where a very impatient yet extremely excited olivia was waiting for me. Oh i should probably tell u a little about me well my name is alexis Jackson and i have really curly blonde hair bright bblue eyes and a not fat but thinish figure that i take much pride in. Anyway yes i answered olivia in a fake French accent . Well ms Jackson i have some really exciting news for the both of us olivia answered back attempting to copy my accent butility was clearly failing, and that very exciting new isssssss i asked stretching the s out. Well ms Jackson how do u feel about a three week holiday this summer to umm maybe LONDON she asked practically screaming the last part. ARE U FRIGGING SERIOUS? I screamed at her, i was so excited going to London has been my life long dream i don't really have a reason why i so badly want to go but i do and i havebthe opportunity! Hell ya i am olivia answered clearly amused by my reaction but there was one thing i was curious about how are we gonna pay I've only got a part time job as a dancing instructed and Liv works at subway, i know right! Olivias POV i was so happy that alexis was so happy but the beat was yet to come oh i should probably tell u a bit about myself well my name is Olivia Badham or Liv for short i have slightly curled chocolate brown hair with some blonde highlights and i have really bright kinda scary green eyes and i am olivia19 yo well anyway it's was my dream along with Alexis to travel to London and what was even better we were gonna go c our favourite band MARIANUS TRENCH. Liv? Lexi questioned, yep i answered. H h h how are we gonna afford to travel to the other side of the world! Lexi stuttered clearly confused and stressed. Well that would be easy if i just got excepted to be a model for a world wide magazine company wouldn't it i asked playing around with her, yeah that's right i screamed they EXCEPTED ME i have been wanting this job for so long today was truly the best day of my life me and Lexington were both crying enjoy by this point but I'm not gonna tell her about the concert uh uh that's gonna be her birthday present and luckily her birthday is perfectly placed on the 24th of June the date of the concert! O and lexi i said yeah she answered, we leave next week so get packing i laughed and playfully smacked her butt. A/N hey guys i just wanted to say this is my first book and I'm so sorry if it's really happy plz comment what u think and if u think i should continue. :-) Emily xx

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