Finding You

Emelia is an average 18 old girl.She went to school,got bullied,had no friends. Once she became 18 her parents told her a secret they have kept from her since she was born.She grew up thinking she was an only child but that all changes when her parents tell her she has a brother in the most famous boy band ,One Direction.What happens when she finds out her brother is the one and only Harry Styles?!


2. Prologue


Emelia's POV


My name is Emelia Ambert.I am an average 18 year old girl who gets bullied but hey,that's life right?I have long curly brown hair and am an average size anyway onto the story!


When I walk through the schools doors, i have a positive look on my face.It was my last day at this dump as i have turned 18 and ,it's summer.I felt people staring at me and calling me hurtful names and threats such as


Go kill yourself!


Nobody likes you!


I ignore them all as i've have heard them all before and walk up to my locker to take my history book out of my bag and put it in the book bin beside it.The cleaner will collect books from the lockers later on from this term and put them in the storage for next year,as it was our last day and no work was to be done.

I continued my walk down to the English room and was about to open the door until someone knocked my books out of my hand.I sighed and turned to the person who was responsible. Celia watsburg the biggest bitch in the school.


"What do you want Celia?", i hissed while turning to her with

."Why would i possibly want something from a scumbag like you?",she said smartly and i rolled my eyes and walked into the classroom.

I sat at the back beside the window as I like to watch what people do while the teacher goes on about summer and how much trouble goes on in the town.


The school bell finally rang and everyone cheered while running out of the classroom.I took time to thank the teacher.

"Thank you Mrs keen,i really appriciate all you have done for me",i smiled and walked out of the room.


I skipped out of the school smiling and took my last walk home from this living hell.I reached my gate and was greeted my my brown Yorksire Terrior Ally .I inhaled the smell of cooking scones in the oven.

"I'm hoooomeee",i said cheerly and my Mum came and gave me a hug.

"How was your last day",she smiled.

"Awh you know,same shit different day!",i smiled and sat down at the table.My Dad came in after and gave me a hug."Hey Hunny",My Dad mumbled.They both sat down opposite and held my hand."Ok,you know the way you were always giving out about being a lonley child ?",My mum spoke looking nervous."Oh shit your not pregnant are you",I asked panicking.They both giggled and shook their head."No darling i'm not",she laughed."We decided not to tell you this until you were older and now your practacly an adult so we think it's time",he smiled still looking nervouse."Ok get on with it then!!",i urged.

"Ok we haven't really been completely honest with you. There's something big...massive we've been keepin from you and i just hope you wont hate us when we tell you ok?.I sat there for a moment looking completely confused.

"Wh-what do you mean ?",I asked still confused.

"Well, Me and your Father...we had a son before you were born.When he turned 18 he left home because he believed we were being to protective.And well he hasn't really contacted us since.I know its a random thing to say and everything but..We never told you because we were afraid you would set of to look for him or do the same thing",My Mum told me making sure i got it this time.I sat there completely stunned watching my parents being all calm and me here practacly stunned at the fact i have a brother.

I took a deep breath and a sip of water my Dad had place in front of me."Wha--what's his name?

They both looked at eachother and down at the table.Now this was strange!!

"His name was Harry.He changed his surname to Styles.Harry Styles ".dad spoke his voice shaking.


"Hunny please calm down!!We're sorry i know it's crazy..i know baby girl...but we have his birt-cert",Mum said handing me the birth cert.

I ran up to my room and pulled the covers over my knees.This is rediculous !How could they possibly keep this a do i not remember him!My brother has no idea i exist and he is in the biggest Boy Band in the world...all i need now is to be called a liar.

I remember girls saying how hot and how he was and how they would love to meet him and tell him they love him.

This is so fucked up.I hear a knock on the door and my Mum stepped in."Hunny are you ok",She said bringing me in for a hug.

"Mum this is rediculous how could you possibley keep this a secret!",I cried into her t shirt.

"I don't know i guess we just knew the consequences.",she said quietly while i looked up at her with tear stained eyes.

"Mum finding the biggest boy band in the world is impossible,never mind telling him i'm his sister!",i said wiping my tears."You want to go look for him...",She sighed looking disappointed."I just want you to know we've tried contacting him but he never replied".She left the room soon after leaving me to inhale all of this news.

I did research that night and found out where he was.This is going to be fun......



Hey guys what do you think of the first chapter ?!?!:)Please leave a comment below and thanks for reading :)


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