Finding You

Emelia is an average 18 old girl.She went to school,got bullied,had no friends. Once she became 18 her parents told her a secret they have kept from her since she was born.She grew up thinking she was an only child but that all changes when her parents tell her she has a brother in the most famous boy band ,One Direction.What happens when she finds out her brother is the one and only Harry Styles?!


14. Mixed emotions

Zayns pov

"Ok Harry you have to get up and sort things out you can't stay in bed your whole life!!",I said to Harry who was lying in bed feeling sorry for himself.Its been 2 days and all he got up for was to go to the toilet and get an orange,typical Harry!"Leave me alone Zayn,i'm not in the mood!",he groaned and sat up.Is stared at him for a little and he finally gave in.

"Ok ok i'll be up in 10".I smiled satisfied and wet back into the kitchen and sat at the counter."Hey,wanna hang out at the bistro?the 5 of us?",i asked Liam while he grabbed a bananna.

"Sure!Emelia's hanging out with Amy today so yeah sounds fun!.......and Harry?",He replied

I nodded my head and went into the hall to grab a jacket."NIALL,LOUIS WERE GOING OUT GET UR ASS DOWN HERE",i shouted and went back into the kitchen.Nobody really acts to shouting around's mainly how we communticate....

"Where we goin?",Louis asked while being followed into the kitchen but Niall."Bistro".We all grabbed our disguises and hopped into the car.I drove.


Emelias pov


"So Hows things going between you and Liam?",Amy asked while we looked around pennys."Good,except Harry is kinda.....",I couldn't find the right word but i saw that she understud."Yeah....he'll get over it eventually don't worry",she smiled."How are you and Niall?",i asked this time.I saw her smirk."Good.....very good actually",she smiled.I was happy for her.She told me she has had a crush on him for awhile now,so it's good that she got what she wanted.


We shopped around a bit and went for lunch at the bistro."This place is sooooo goood,trust me!",she giggled as we walked through the doors."How can i help you?",the waitress smiled at us.Amy told her and we followed her to a two seated table and got our menus."Mmmm i think i'll go for the pesto pesto pasta!",i smiled wide eyed and she laughed "Good choice".I was till trying to choose my side dish when the waitress came over with two cokes."The gentlemen over there sent these",she smiled and me and Abby looked over our shoulders but couldn't see anyone."They also told me to give u this......",she handed a note to me and walked away.




Instantley i knew who it was and looked around the corner to see the 5 boys sitting there waving at us.I rolled my eyes and waved back.We walked over and pulled out a seat.I looked at the seat that was left and obviously it was beside ,Harry.The good side is that i was opposite Liam,so that if anything went wrong (Dramatic is what i'm known for....)he could save me!"So what have you been up to?",Niall inturupted my thoughts ."Shopping and girly stuff",Abby laughed and i joined."One thing is that i will never understand is why girls laugh so much!",Louis asked confused which made me laugh harder.The waitress came with our food and we chatted for awhile until i was about to reach into my pocket for my phone but dropped my fork of the table.I bent down to pick it up ,and so did Harry.I looked him in the eyes until he got up and walked out of the room."I got this...".


I walked outside and saw Harry smoking a cigarette and i  threw it on the ground.He looked at me with annoyance and then looked away.

"What is wrong with you?",i asked sitting down beside him.

"NOTHING why does everybody have to make such a big deal out of this!",he replied ,his voice getting louder.

"I'm your sister,Harry!!And you can't just keep blocking me,everyone out!".

"It's not that easy you know Emelia!"."And besides.....yout not really my sister yet until i accept it",he said coldly which made me flinch.

"I know it's not Harry !!I feel it too and i came here to sort things out with your and to try and catch up on the years we have missed but you refuse to talk to me at all,and you think i'm coping here!!You also have no right to treat me like this ok Harry?!",i shouted.

He shook his head "Ok i'm can we please get back in there?",he asked obviously not meaning it walking back in.Damn it! He is so complicated!I can understand now why he ran away from Mum and dad.....but i need to know more.


I walked back inside and took my seat beside Harry once again.I looked at Liam and he mouthed "Everything okay?".I nodded and he smiled."Look Harry can we please just get back to trying to be brother and Sister?!",I asked not giving up as everyone was paying no attention to us."Your not giving up ,are you?",he smirked.I shook my head and he laughed "Okay",he said and smiled."Good",i replied and smiled back.


Harry's pov


I didn't mean it.If only he knew why i was saying yes....I want more then to be her brother!!It doesn't feel right. have never felt this was about anyone before..I really haven't.....I just don't think i believe she's my sister even though i have proof,or maybe it's just that i don't WANT to believe it.....


We were ready to go home and it was only 5 o clock so i went outside and sat by the pool."Mind if i join you?",Niall asked coming and jumping onto the other sun chair beside me,"WHats going on Harry?",He asked like he has been trying to ask me for awhile now.

"Can we not talk about this now?please!",i asked getting annoyed.

"NO YOUR TELLING ME WHAT'S GOING ON AND THATS IT MR HARRY EDWARD STYLES",he shouted and threw my sunglasses that i was wearing into the pool.I have to say i was a little taking aback as Niall usually isn't the mature one...........


"I Like Emelia",i sighed.I saw Niall look at me funny and start to laugh.I was shocked "w-why are you laughing?!!?",

"Harry you have to get over her already!!It's wrong!?",he said like i was stupid.I rolled my eyes "Well i didn't know that now did i!",i shouted back and his smiled faded."Sorry but can you not just accept that you two cannot work?",he asked.

I shook my head "I know i have to it's just that.....i don't know if i can...",i sighed."What about time....away",he smirked."what do you mean?".

"I meeeaannn like a, you and Zayn!Get your mind of her",he smiled proudly.

I thought about it for a moment and nodded "I like how your think Mr Horan".

This could be good ,to get everything off my mind.I think the others will like it too.


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