Finding You

Emelia is an average 18 old girl.She went to school,got bullied,had no friends. Once she became 18 her parents told her a secret they have kept from her since she was born.She grew up thinking she was an only child but that all changes when her parents tell her she has a brother in the most famous boy band ,One Direction.What happens when she finds out her brother is the one and only Harry Styles?!


5. Meeting the of them my brother

Emelias pov

.It was 12:30 when i woke up and i still had loads to do.I had a quick shower and got dressed.I put on a tiny big of makeup and left my curly hair down.I grabbed my bag and put my phone,money,backstage pass and Harry's birth cert ..of course.....It was already 1:30 so i ran down the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator because i was going to be late.I caught a taxi and it brought me direct to the o2 .

The place was packed with screaming girls lining up to see the the boys.!

I didn't bother getting a concert ticket as all i wanted was to see my brother not to rock out to him.I finally found the M&G/backstage line,to see there had to be at least 30 people in it.I guess that was better.I would have more time with them now.


About an hour passed and i was next.I was shaking so bad and could barley feel my knees!!I was already considering turning back until it was my turn and security asked for my ticket.

I gave it to him and he guided me to the door.I took a deep breath and walked in the door.I looked up to see 5 members of the biggest boyband smiling at me.I gave each of them a hug and talked to them for a bit.

"So Emelia,what do you do?",Niall asked.I smiled

"Nothing at the moment i just finsihed !",i said and they nodded."

Who's your favourite then?!",Harry asked with a cheeky grin.I found this a bit know,just talking away to my brother that doesn't know i am related to him never mind he is in the biggest boyband in the world!

"Uh im not going to say my favourite that would be mean",i giggled and they laughed with me.

"I think she chooses me",harry winked.If only he knew........We chatted for awhile and i got a picture with them.They were actually really nice!

I decided not to tell them yet.They were all together chatting,and i twould look kind of stupid if i wanted to talk to one of them aloneee.......I was about to leave when Liam stopped me.All the boys were gone for a break so i was alone.

"Hey Emelia,i was wondering if you wanted to uh go out for coffee sometime?"

I was shocked.

"Yeah sure!I would love that,thanks",i smiled.I felt pretty unsure about this.

.He was about to leave before i stopped him.This was it.



"Hey Liam?",i shouted while he was Leaving.


"I actually needed to tell you something,that's why i'm here....",i said wondering if i should tell him here or at coffee....

"ok then?",he asked coming towards me quite confused.

I guess here then..........


"I only found this out 2 days ago Liam,and it's pretty big news to me...i am still trying to get my head around it actually....Liam,Harry Styles is my brother....",i said it very awkwardly and he just kind of stared at me....That was stupid really really really stupid..I looked up and saw a dissappointed look on his face.I felt my heart shatter to a million piecesjust by that look on his face.

"Emelia,i really thought you were different...i really thought you were real and i was starting to like you..........",he said while getting up ready to leave.


"Liam i'm not lying!Please this is hard enough i just need someone to help me here!",i begged and felt a lump form in my throath.I saw him look at me with sorry eyes.


"Emelia,i'm sorry but you can't expect me to believe this..its rediculous. Not one fan has ever said anything more dumb fouding then this.Bye emelia.....",he sighed walking back towards me.


"I can prove it!",i said confident.I reached into my bag and took out his Birth Cert,i handed it to him and he took it into his hands carefully.

He gasped.

"This is real?",he asked an i nodded.He came over to me and wiped my tears."Ok well how come he has never metnioned this before?This is like something you would have a dream about..This is a bit of a shock isn't it?",he laughed and i smiled and nodded.

"Liam,do me a favour and keep it to yourself for now?",i asked nervous.

He nodded and gave me a hug.

"Meet me for coffee tomorrow at 3pm,ok.We'll talk more about it them?",he asked just before leaving.


Wow this isn't exactly how i planned it all....I got a date with Liam Payne.........


Thanks for reading this and my other movella moments!!It really means alot.

Love you!!


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