Finding You

Emelia is an average 18 old girl.She went to school,got bullied,had no friends. Once she became 18 her parents told her a secret they have kept from her since she was born.She grew up thinking she was an only child but that all changes when her parents tell her she has a brother in the most famous boy band ,One Direction.What happens when she finds out her brother is the one and only Harry Styles?!


4. Leaving

Emelia's pov

I woke up and sprung out of bed building with excitment and nerves.I picked up my suitcase and laid it out on my bed making sure i had everything.

I got into a light lace skater dress with pumps and tied my curly hair up leaving 2 strands down at the side.Satisfied i ran downstairs and left my bag in the hall.I skipped into the kitchen and gave my Mum and Dad a hug.I poured myself a bowl of coco pops and a glass of orange juice.

"Have everything you need?",My dad asked as i got up from the table.I smiled and nodded.

"Remember if you need anything give us a call, ok?.I rolled my eyes."yes i know you told me enough times.can i please leave before i miss my flight?",i smiled and hurried over to my bag.I kissed them goodbye and drove to the airport about 20 minutes away.


I checked through and everything was ok.

"Can passanger please board the plane to ,london.Thank you",ran through the airport.I rushed over and gave her my Passport.She smiled.

"Enjoy your flight".I walked onto the plane and took my seat at the window.It was only a 1 hour flight so i put on my seat belt and started listening to One Direction.About 20 minutes into the flight i felt someone tap my shoulder.I looked over to see an elderly man sitting beside me."Is this seat taken madam?",he asked slowly.I shook my head and smiled."What brings you to London?",he asked starting a conversation."I uh.. am visiting family",i smiled and he nodded.He didn't say anything else the rest of the flight and i got off to a not so sunny London!

I walked in the direction of the exit and called a taxi to my a hotel around the o2.We arrived and i payed the taxi driver £10.The hotel looked nice and not too fancy.Just what i like.I got my room and made my way to the elevator.I got in and noticed a little girl around 10 and who i presume was her mom.

"I hope the boys see me tomorrow during the concert mommy!",she smiled.If only she knew,my brother was Harry Styles.

I got out and walked down the hall and found my room,19.I opened it up and walked around to check it out.I sorted out my clothes and got on my phone to text my mum.


To Mum:


:In the hotel now Xx

I got a reply a few minutes later.


From Mum:


That's great to hear.Be careful!Xx


I smiled and decided to sort out things for tomorrow.It was at 2:00pm and i was already so nervous!

I'm hoping they don't think i'm just another fan.Maybe i should just tell one of them that's not Harry first.I did my research and i think it was liam that was the sweet one so i think i should tell Liam as he is the mature one and he is the one that might believe me!

I will bring the birth cert with me just in case!!I smiled at how stupid all of this is and that this is the most crazyest thing ever.I read fanfictions alot and this is like one!I decided to go to bed as i have a long hard couple of days ahead of me..........


thanks for reading this and moments love u

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