Finding You

Emelia is an average 18 old girl.She went to school,got bullied,had no friends. Once she became 18 her parents told her a secret they have kept from her since she was born.She grew up thinking she was an only child but that all changes when her parents tell her she has a brother in the most famous boy band ,One Direction.What happens when she finds out her brother is the one and only Harry Styles?!


7. A day with the lads

Emelias pov


We finally arrived to a big white and cream villè.We walked up to the doors and rang the doorbell.Who answerd but Mr Harry Edward Styles!Could it possibly get any more awkward?


"Hey Harry!",i smiled as nothing was going on and followed Liam into the house."Hey beautiful",he winked .I  gulped and tried to ignore his stares."Where are the others?",Liam asked while walking me into the living room."Well Zayn is with Perrie,Louis is with Eleanor and Niall well i actually don't know",he said the last part to himself and looked confused .Liam nodded and handed me a glass of coke."Thanks",i smiled and he nodded.He turned on the TV and Harry came to join us sitting down beside me.I groaned and he giggled.If only he know why this was so awkward for me...."So Emelia tell me about yourself",Harry asked while eating a biscuit and handing me one.I saw Liam look behind trying to hide his laugh.I glared at him trying to get him to stop."Well i uh am 18,i like cats,favourite colour is green",i was going to continue but was stopped bu Harry screaming."SO IS MINE!WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON",he squeeled."More then you think",i whispered but he must have heard."What's that supposed to mean?",he asked looking at me confused.I shrugged my shoulders and we continued on as normal.The door banged and Niall came running in chasing Louis...."HE ATE MY LAST CHIP",Niall screamed.Liam burst out laughing and Harry looked a bit shocked....They finally settled down when Louis cave him a chocolate bar..Kids.I gave them both a hug."Hey your the nice girl from the meet and greet,yeah?",Niall asked sitting across from me.I blushed and nodded."OHhhhhh your the girl Liam is in love with and hasn't stop talking about u since",Louis smirked and i just blushed and stared at him until Liam elbowed him and he ran out of the room.I laughed and Liam smiled embarresed at me.Oh god this is getting more and more awkward every second.."WHO WANTS TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE?!",Harry asked while getting up and putting a bottle on the floor.Louis came back in and we all sat down in a circle.


"Who wants to go first?",Harry asked and Niall volounteered."Emelia......truth or dare..",he asked with an evil smirk.Oh god i am going to regret this "Dare",i said nervous."I dare you to kiss everyone in this roooooom",he smiled.WHAT!I only had my first kiss today and now i have to kiss five of the members of the biggest boyband...including my brother.I went to Louis first.It was simple.Next was Niall.It was nice....Next was Liam .It was the best yeat and i could feel him smirk.Oh is Harry.I walked over to and he winked.I kissed him but he turned it passionate....we kissed for about 40 seconds and i heard someone cough.I quickly pulled away to see Liams face was red with anger.I looked at him but he looked away."Liam are you ok,it's only a game!",i whispered while the others weren't really paying attention."You kissed him longer the me Emelia..i like you but u obviously have a crush on your brother so why don't you go sit with him instead.....but really u gotta get over him",he said dryly."Liam i d-"i was going to finish but he stopped me."HARRY'S  YOUR BROTHER EMELIA YOU CAN'T KISS HIM",Liam shouted and everyone looked at us."I am what",Harry asked confused............I burst into tears and ran out the door and kept running until i hit a small forest.I lay back against a tree and cried..and cried...Why would he do that?why would he hurt me like that?!My life is so fucked up..I heard footsteps coming from behind me.Please don't be Liam or harry was all i could think of......

***************************************************************************************************************Hey guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuysssssssssssssssssssss:)What did u think of that chapter?!tell me below love u thanks for reading!!






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