Let Me Fade

That's the only word to describe exactly how Samantha feels. Or trapped, depressed, emotionally\mentally\ physically unstable. She needs to escape and there's only one thing that helps her. She knows that she shouldn't, that people will judge her, but she doesn't care at this point, she want's to disappear and there's no one to help. Nobody understands her and everyone hates her, or that's her in-take on life.


2. Darkness

Darkness. The color of the light surrounding me once filled with a fluorescent orange glow, now gone. All I can see is the cracks on the tiles. I trace my fingers over the tiles as I begin to shut my eyes only to be surrounded by complete and udder darkness like I'm trapped. But trapped am I no longer, I am freed for now if everything goes as planned.


As I walk into the oh-so-familiar building for yet another day of listening to teachers ramble, students argue and fights breaking out among anyone and everyone. "Sammy!" I hear a voice call, making me spin around. 

"Hey, Lexi." I smile and begin to walk in the direction of my best friend, Alexis. We just saw each other Saturday though we always over-exaggerate as if it's been months or years.

Once I finally reach her, her bright and peppy voice rings out once more. "Did you study for that test?"

 I completely freeze, ushering my hands to my face. "I forgot!" I moan and shake my head, turning my attention back to her. "Uh, yeah. Teach me." I practically beg.

"Only because I love you." She giggled and pulled her Janet Sport book bag towards her chest, unzipping it and releasing our blue and purple math book which held our study guide. 

"I need your homework, too." I add, copying her actions."What was it? Questions one through twenty, right? I completely forgot. I was helping Joey with his-" She cut my off and began to speak for herself, obviously realizing I was becoming rather stressed.

"No need  to explain, just hurry. The bell rings in five and we have to rush to class. Don't want to be late and have to listen to another one of Mr. Clide's boring lectures." We both laugh and I pull the paper out of her arms, setting it on the armrest between us since we're in the auditorium and there are no desks, just hard, wooden chairs that are older than my parents. After about three minutes of cramming information in my brain, I slide our books back in our bags and sigh out of relief, finishing just in time to hear a 'bing', signaling that it's time to head to first period. Alexis and I stand up and grab our bags as we walk out the aisles and into the hallway to find our lockers. 

"Hey, Samantha, you wanna come over after school?" Lexi asked as she slung her bag into her locker and retrieved her first two period's supplies.

I do the same and place my books on my hips, turning to her. "Sure, but I need to stop by my house and leave a note because stupid 'ole me didn't charge my phone." I sighed and walked into the creaky, brick white classroom, taking my normal seat behind Lexi and next to my group of friends in the left part of the classroom.

"Are you going to the party tonight!?" My friend, Lindsay, asked, turning her body to face Alexis and I.

"I wasn't going to." I shrug and look at a pouting Alexis. "C'mon do you really wanna be around a bunch of people you don't even like. Plus have to spend money on a present for somebody you don't like just to eat free food." I huffed as Alexis nodded. We all hated Haley and she knew that, but supposedly, 'popular' people are supposed to be the best of friends. " Please don't make me go, I really don't like her. Plus I was going to practice for-"

"Liar!" Alexis exclaimed. "You were going to come over to my house and mope about, no we're going to this party." She smiled evily and turned to face the board. Just then the teacher began to talk, leaving my to time to intervene, just my luck. "Whatever." I huff in frustration and pass my papers forward as we were instructed. 

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