Forever Young

Brooklyn Foreman, McKinlee Maison and Lily Austins are three best friends that moved to LA to pursue their dreams! These girls may do stupid things and may have many regrets. But overall they try to move on. Will having a fresh start and maybe even finding love help these girls stay forever young? Or will the past come back to haunt them?


4. New Opportunities and New Feelings?

~Lily's P.O.V.~ I woke up this morning feeling slightly better, but still horrified at the text I received from last night. The text was from Mason. My ex. Long story short; He said he loved me, took something that was very dear from me, and then dumped me when another slut came alone. He's an arrogant, self-centered asshole. When he dumped me I was heartbroken and a few months ago after I had graduated, I finally realized that he wasn't everything and I moved on, moved away from home. And now, He texts me?! I walked down the steps and poured myself a cup of coffee. McKinlee and Brooke came down shortly after me. "Hey, why are you up so early?" Brooke yawned plopping down on the couch. It's like 8 o'clock. But that's early for me. "I don't know... Couldn't sleep." I frowned. "How come?" McKinlee and Brooke both asked, concerned. "Well... Nothing." I sighed. "Oh, it's definitely something." Brooke stated. "Yeah... Tell us? Please?" McKinlee asked, hopefully. I inhaled slowly and opened my mouth to speak, but couldn't really find the words to say. "Uhh... Ma... Mason texted me last night." I frowned. Brooke and McKinlee's mouths both dropped. "Does that bastard not know that he needs to leave you alone?" Brooke huffed. "Yeah, did he not get the memo?!" McKinlee exclaimed. McKinlee and Brooke both knew all about Mason and Mason was actually best friends with Brooke's brother. That's how I met him. But after he did everything he did to me, Colby, Brooke's brother chose my side instead. So he and Mason stopped talking to each other and me, McKinlee and Brooke moved to LA. And no one really knew what Mason did after graduation. Until that night... when he was arrested.... McKinlee and Brooke continued to call Mason ugly things and curse things about him. "Look! I don't know why, he texted me. Or if he's here in LA, but I do know... That I will not let him ruin my life again. I'm done with Mason for good!" I practically yelled. McKinlee and Brooke both stood there with shocked but also admirable looks on their faces. "Okay... We believe you." Brooke smiled. "So if he texts you-"McKinlee started. "I'll delete it." I finished. "And if he calls you-" "I'll decline it." I spat back. "And if he tries to come and see you somehow-"Brooke started. "I'll kick his ass." I smirked. "Smart choice." Brooke smirked. "Well, I'm meeting Will in town so I better go get dressed." She said rushing down stairs. Me and McKinlee sat down on the couch, seeing as how we had nothing better to do. "Well do we need anything from the store?" I asked. "Uhh, I don't" McKinlee replied. "Wanna go down to the beach?" McKinlee asked. "Not really, I'm waterlogged." I smirked. "So... What shall we do?" McKinlee asked. "Movies? Shopping? Eat?" I suggested. "We could go shopping; I could always use another bathing suit." McKinlee grinned. "Okay!" I smiled as we both rushed to the stairs as soon as we walked upstairs, Brooke was coming down. ~Brooke's P.O.V.~ "Bye, guys. I'll be back soon!" I stated. "Okay! Bye Brooke! Have fun!" They both smiled as I walked out the door. I walked down the small pathway to my car and then drove out of my driveway to the small park. I said I would meet him here around 1 p.m. and its 12:45 p.m. so I had some time to spare. I loved taking pictures especially here. So I whipped out my camera and began to take a few pictures for my website. I unfortunately haven't heard back from the woman I talked to a few days ago... I was taking loads of pictures, some of flowers, of the wind blowing the trees, and of children. I was focusing on one particular butterfly when someone spoke from behind me. "Um, excuse me, Miss." The handsome voice said in a polite, yet formal way, tapping my shoulder. I turned around slightly blushing to see the handsome face of Will. "Hey!" I smiled and without thinking, I threw my arms around him, hugging him. He hugged back so I kind of felt relieved. "So you're into photography, I see..." He smiled, looking down at my camera. "Well, yeah..." I grinned. "So are you ready to go?" He asked. "Of course!" I smiled. I placed my camera back into my bag and walked off towards Will's car. He opened my door like a gentlemen and I gladly stepped in. Once he had gotten in as well we strolled off into LA. ------ Today was amazing! At first, Will just drove me around showing me some sites and then we went to get Lunch and ice cream! It has actually been a really fun day! Right now it's around 5 p.m. and we decided to drive down to the beach. "So, we have spent the whole day together and all I know about you is that your name is Brooke, you like photography and you love vanilla ice cream?" Will smirked as we sat on the beach watching the sun go down. "Well," I sighed. "I'm 19. I moved here after graduation and went to college for about a year but didn't really like it, I wanted to pursue my career as a photographer..." I explained. There was a silent pause as Will, who seemed to still be listening attentively, gave me a look that was basically telling me to go on, so I did. "I have one brother who is 1 year older than me, I live here with 2 of my best friends, but you already knew that. I hate horror movies with a passion, I love it when people play with my hair, I love pizza, and I love books. Family and friends are really important to me. I've always wanted to travel the world. I can't live without my phone or music and.... that's pretty much all." I smiled slightly blushing turning towards Will, whose face was still staring at mine. Great, I've bored him to death. "So tell me about you." I declared. "Okay, Well I'm not as interesting as you, but I didn't really like college either and I'm also 19. I play piano and-"He stated but stopped and laughed when my eyes bulged. He can play piano. I love him already! "Continue..." I blushed looking down, pretending to be intrigued by the boring sand. "And I play volleyball for the local team." Kill. Me. Now. "I also love surfing." He's perfect. "And..." He started, but I got the sense that he didn't want to finish what he was saying. I leaned closer to him and supportively took his hand in mine, locking our fingers together. "When, I was... nine... Me and my mom were driving home from going out to eat. It was dark and raining. We were coming around a curb when my mom received a text from my dad saying that he was called back to work. Once she had looked back up a drunken driver had swerved into our lane and sent us flying into a ditch. The car flipped a total of 5 times and... neither my mother nor the other drunken driver survived... only me." Will stated as a few tears escaped his eyes. He quickly wiped them away with his free hand while his other was still clutched in mine. "I never got to talk to her before she... died. She died instantly." He choked. I was still listening closely, when I realized that he wasn't the only one shedding tears. "I'm sorry..." He said whipping away my tears as well as his own. "No, don't be." I smiled weakly. "It's okay, it has been 10 years since the crash, but I still have nightmares. Ever since my mom died, it's been just me and my dad, but last year he remarried and I think he truly is happy again." "Sorry I usually don't dump my life story on to a girl on the first date." Will frowned. "Date..." I repeated with a small grin on my face. "Oh, sorry. I mean if you don't won't this called a first date, I mean it can be a short get together. Or just hang-"Will rambled, but I politely shut him up with a kiss. It was sweet. And I have just been waiting to kiss his soft lips. "No," I breathed pulling away. "Date." I smiled and a smile broke out on Will's face as well, as he leaned in closer pecking my lips one more time. With our hands still locked together, "This was a wonderful, first date." I whispered as we walked back to the car in the moonlight. ~McKinlee's P.O.V.~ Lily and I literally shopped till we dropped. As soon as we got home, we both spread all the things we had bought out onto the couch and began to rummage through it. We were looking at the tops we had bought when my phone rang. "Hello." I answered. "Hi, is this McKinlee Maison?" Said a female voice on the other end of the phone. "Yes, it is?" I replied. "Well! This is Alicia Johnson from the studio in downtown LA.-" "Oh, hi Alicia!" I perked, but she continued. "The class schedules have been changed. They will now, only be held on weekdays for just this week. We would advise you to attend 2 more of the training classes and then at 2 p.m. On June 20th, you have been chosen to attend the experienced class. Your chances have been increased for the role since you will attend at least one experienced class." Alicia continued in a formal and business like way. "Thank you, Al- Miss Johnson." I replied. "No, Thank you, Miss Maison. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call our box office. Have a great day..." She stated. "You too!" I smiled; just about to hang up when she spoke again. "Good luck, McKinlee!" She half perked, half whispered and then hung up as well. I beamed over at Lily who immediately asked questions. I explained to her all what Alicia Johnson had said and she was ecstatic as well! "That's great!" She grinned. "I know!" Her smile quickly faded as for mine when she picked up her phone. Then handing it to me, I read what was upon her screen Mason I wanna see you, Baby. ;) I instantly deleted the text and handed her back her iPhone. "Don't worry; I'm not going to let even him, dull my mood!" She smiled weakly. I smiled as well but her phone rang too, I was going to grab it but it obviously wasn't, Mason because of the way she answered it. "Hello." She answered. "This is she." "Mhmm. Alright. Yes. Yes. No. Of course! Thank you. Goodbye." Lily spoke into the phone, with a small scowl. She tossed her phone back on the couch and explained who was on the phone. "That was Mary, or Marcy, whatever-her-name-is, from the agency. She called to tell me that my next appointment is in a few days." "Oh, well that's good." I smiled. "Yeah, I guess. I just hope I'm ready. I mean I hope that whoever I speak with at my next appointment doesn't think of me like Martha did." Lily frowned. "Don't be nervous..I believe that they are going to see you for you, The Next Top Model." I said the last part with a voice kind of like a British person and Lily just laughed. "What time is it?" I asked. "Uhhh..." I said checking my phone that read 10:53 p.m. About that time Brooke walked in. "And where have you been?" Lily playfully scolded Brooke. But Brooke just blushed and replied. "I told you, Will showed me around, LA." "Mhmm..." I smirked. "He kissed you, didn't he?" Lily grinned and Brooke blushed and even more scarlet red. "No," Brooke stated. And we turned to her. "I kissed him." She blushed. Lily and I both exploded with ah's and awe's, causing Brooke to turn red as blood. "Get in there." Lily exclaimed, causing all of us to laugh. "It wasn't like that...." Brooke stated with her smile, fading. "He opened up to me about some private things." "Awe, so when do we get to meet him?" I asked, impatiently. "Yeah!" Lily piped in. "Well, He has a volleyball game tomorr- "Ahh.. He's athletic. He's a keeper!" I winked. "Well, if it's shirtless volleyball, I'm coming." Lily joked. "Well, come to think of it, I don't know if I won't him to meet you two." Brooke smirked, jokingly. "Well. We are offended." Lily pretended to be hurt. "I'm just kidding, so do you want to come tomorrow?" Brooke asked. "Sure!" Lilly and I both smiled. "Ok, it starts tomorrow morning at 11 and I'm pretty tired, so see you in the morning." Brooke yawned, standing up and walking upstairs. "Yeah, I'm pretty tired myself..." Lily also yawned. "Me. Too." I sighed as all three of us walked upstairs and went to sleep.

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