Forever Young

Brooklyn Foreman, McKinlee Maison and Lily Austins are three best friends that moved to LA to pursue their dreams! These girls may do stupid things and may have many regrets. But overall they try to move on. Will having a fresh start and maybe even finding love help these girls stay forever young? Or will the past come back to haunt them?


2. Making New Appointments and Meeting New People

~McKinlee's Point of View~

Once I had woken up bright and early the next morning Me and Lily set off to finding just exactly what we had come here to do.

Lily and I drove into the city early and left Brooke at home, still asleep. She said that she was just going to go to pick up a few things that we might need around the house.

"Here!" Lily pointed to a large building with many billboards of gorgeous girls and really hot guys!

"I'll call you when I'm done!" She smiled, hopping out of the car.

"Good luck! Go get 'em tiger!" I winked and waved to her just before pulling away.

I drove a few miles down the road and saw another billboard that read: 

Auditions for new series called: Living with Four, Older Brothers! 

Classes: On weekends from now till June 19th. Auditions on the 22nd. 

For more details please call us here at,


(Need Female Actresses)

"This is perfect!" I thought to myself.

I checked my watch for a split second and noticed that today was Friday the 14th and that a class should be tomorrow.

Making a mental note of the number I thought long and hard about this. I have always wanted to be an actress! And hopefully with these classes all that will someday be a reality!

When I came into downtown LA, I parked the car at the nearest mall and walked up and down the strips of stores. I didn't buy much although there were some amazing deals, I decided to wait for Lily and Brooke to come with me one day down here before completely racking up on sales!

When I got home, the house was empty. I guess she really had gone to the grocery store or something.

I placed the few things that I had bought today on my bed and then went back downstairs, heating up the leftover pizza from last night.

Flipping through channels on the TV, I saw some movies and clicked on The Hunger Games!

This movie never gets old!

Eating the pizza, yet glued to the TV as if I hadn't already seen this movie 100 times, I finished my pizza and the movie. I sat there thinking of something to do... and then I wiped out my phone, dialing the number that was on the billboard.


After a few rings someone picked up. 

"Hello, Alicia Johnson speaking. How may I help you!" She answered.

"Hi, I had seen a billboard that said there were going to be auditions for the new series... Living with Four, Older Brothers? And I was calling for details." I declared into the phone.

"Ah... yes! We are having auditions soon. Have you taken any classes yet?" She asked.

"That's one of the things I was calling about..." 

"Oh, okay then! All you have to do is show up here, this Saturday is our next class and they began at 11, 2 and 4! You can attend all if you would like, but they basically cover all the same information." She explained.

"Okay! Thank you!" I perked. "And what will we have to do for auditions?" I asked.

"Well, you show up here, at our office for auditions on the 22nd and will wait your turn in our lobby. Once your name is called for auditions... you will be ushered into a room with a few important people that are associated with the show and give a short performance for them to judge." She explained.

"And if you're lucky, you will get the part and be welcomed to our offices and began working right away!" Alicia exclaimed. 

"Thank you so much!" I repeated.

"You are very welcome!" She chirped and then we both hung up.

I sighed leaning back onto the couch, still grinning. 

"I might actually have a shot at starting my career in acting!" I squealed to myself, unable to stop smiling.


~Lily's P.O.V.~

After McKinlee had dropped me off at the agency, I strolled over to the front desk of the office.

"Hello, I'm Martha Mays and how can I help you?" Said a very perky, mid-thirties woman.

"Um... I would like to speak with a manager or someone on possibly applying for an open modeling job..." I slurred, a bit nervous.

"Well, all of our designers or agents are busy today but you can take the small survey now and come back another day when someone's free." She stated, very strictly as she popped and smacked on her gum.

She asked me a few basic questions: Name, age, experience, and what I was looking for. I quickly answered them, irritated with the scowl that she gave after every one of my answers.

"Oh you are very young."

"Well let's hope that will be enough 'experience' for you!"

"What a common name!" 

"We probably don't have an opening for that." I mimicked her annoying tone, in my head, the tone she used after I answered the survey questions.

I unfortunately sat there staring at her jot down little notes about me.

Once I had finished, feeling somewhat hopeful with my truthful answers, the woman's grin turned into a slight frown. 

"Well, that's all I need to know about you..." She mumbled under her breath.

"All I can do now is, make you an appointment with someone soon, Hun. But jobs here aren't just for walk-ins." She spat out. Turning her frown into a maliciously grin.

"Oh, well an appointment would be great. When's the next opening." I said in a mocking tone quite like the overly perky, woman before me.

"June 17th is the closest we have..." She sighed a bit irritated with my attitude.

"That would be, lovely!" I replied.

"Okay... Well don't forget, I mean, this is a very important date, to remember, for someone... as... young, as you!" She perked with that annoying smile.

"Oh. I won't!" I said once again in an extremely perky squeak, like her.

"Be prepared." She warned, glaring at me.

"Oh... I will Macy!" I stated, confident and turned to walk away.

"It's Martha!" She corrected.

"Oh, sorry... young, walk-ins like me tend to forget things that aren't that important." I spat back with a small swish of my hair. I proudly walked out of the modeling studio, with my head held high.

I'll show her how prepared, this seventeen year old can be. 

~Brooklyn's Point of View~

I woke up this morning to a big, empty house...

I sleepily strolled into the kitchen and found a note on the counter.

Going to see about an opening at the agency in downtown! See you later! -Lily

I yawned making some coffee then going up stairs to shower and get ready.

I quickly showered leaving my long hair down, looking like natural, beach curls then slipped on a pair of white shorts and a flowery top with sandals.

I grabbed my bag and keys then left out the door. 
I drove down the small roads of the busy city of Los Anglos, blaring music in my car as I pulled into the supermarket. Grabbing a cart, I took out my list and began searching for the items on it. 

Milk, bread, ham, cheese, eggs and cereal...

I quickly grabbed everything and placed it in the cart except for the cereal. Looking up at the guide charts, I saw that cereals were on lane 6. 

Well... McKinlee likes Fruity Pebbles.

Lily likes Frosted flakes.

And I like Frootloops.

I found Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes easily. But it wasn't until I glanced at the very, top shelf to find a row of Frootloops.


I can do this.

Reaching my hand as far in the air as possible I still was slightly short of the edge of the box, so I tried again... Which also ended in failure. 

I grunted irritably and stood there gazing at the one box I had been trying to reach, when I heard someone chuckle. Turning in the direction of the laugh, I saw a handsome dirty blonde, boy in a bright blue and red shirt with kakis on. 

"Here let me help you with that." He grinned, easily reaching the box of cereal that I wanted.

"Here you go." He smiled.

"Thanks..." I breathed tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I'm William. But you can call me Will." He said glancing at his name tag and then extending a hand.

"I'm Brooklyn. But you can call me Brooke."I smiled also extending my hand.

He shook my hand and then opened his mouth to speak, but didn't say anything. He just sighed and covered up his moment with a sheepish grin.

"Here. You can put your number in if you'd like..." I smiled handing him my phone. He looked at me with relief as if 'asking for my number' was exactly what he was going to say, but didn't.

"You too." He said handing me his phone as well.

"Well, Me and two of my other best friends just moved here and I know I would like someone to show me around..." I smiled and his face lit up. 

"I... could... show you around." He half smiled looking at his feet. "I have lived here all my life!"

"Perfect!" I winked. And he smiled.

"Will!" Said an urgent voice from a few aisles over.

"Coming..." He replied.

"I'll call you." He mouthed and walked away still grinning back at me.

I quickly checked out and rushed home, filled with excitement about telling McKinlee and Lily about my little run in with, Will.

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