Forever Young

Brooklyn Foreman, McKinlee Maison and Lily Austins are three best friends that moved to LA to pursue their dreams! These girls may do stupid things and may have many regrets. But overall they try to move on. Will having a fresh start and maybe even finding love help these girls stay forever young? Or will the past come back to haunt them?


1. Forever Young

A new story! Yay! So to get started I'm going to let you know a little bit about the main characters!

McKinlee Maison: 18 years old, Brooklyn Foreman: 19 years old, Lily Austins: 17 years old. These are 3 best friends who have just moved to California to live their dreams while still living young, wild and free! McKinlee has always wanted to be an actress! Lily's always dreamed of becoming a model and Brooklyn doesn't really know what she wants to be yet, but loves photography! Will these 3 girls find what they are looking for in California? If so, how?

There's only one way to find out...

Read & See

~Lily's Point of View~

"This is perfect!" Squealed McKinlee as we stepped through the door of our new beach house in Los Angeles, California!

"I know! I love it!" Smiled Brooklyn.

"To celebrate our new house and to our new lives we should... hit the beach!" I exclaimed.

We all slipped on our bathing suits and headed right out of our back door to the beautiful beach that awaited us!

"Come on Brooke, get in!" McKinlee smiled.

"The water is amazing!" I chirped.

"Hold on. I have to get some shots of this amazing view!" Brooklyn awed as she positioned her camera to the gorgeous sunset. She laid her camera on her towel once she was done and dived into the water.

"We are going to have amazing, yet different lives here!" Brooklyn sighed, happily floating on her back.

"But it's going to be pretty awesome!" I smiled.

"Yes it will! Clubs on every corner!" McKinlee winked.

"Amazing shops!" Brooklyn exclaimed.

"And once we get to know more people... PARTIES!" I squealed.

Brooke and McKinlee just laughed.

The sun was beginning to go down when we forced ourselves to get out of the water. Drying ourselves off we walked back into the large, half empty house.

"We have a lot of unpacking to do..." I sighed.

"Yes, but our beds are not packed... So can we start first thing tomorrow?" Brooklyn asked.

I just smirked and nodded.

"Sounds good to me."


~McKinlee's Point of View~

We woke up the next morning feeling a bit tired but not so much. We had all slept in random beds not even determining whose room is whose so that became the first order of business.

"I like this bedroom!" Brooklyn chirped, walking into a bedroom with a bathroom and a balcony.

Lily and I both nodded in agreement, moving across the hall to the second bedroom also having a balcony and bathroom.

"I like this one!" Lily smiled walking over to the balcony.

"Okay, you can have it!" I agreed again walking over to the third out of four bedrooms.

This one was identical to the others. This is why I loved this house. It was so big that it had four bedrooms all with bathrooms and connected balconies. Except the fourth bedroom which was larger than the others and had a small balcony overlooking the rest of LA not the beach. All of our parents were supportive of our eagerness to begin our careers and lives in California so they all pitched in and found us this amazing home!


It took us almost all day to unpack everything! Our bedrooms, and bathrooms. Our kitchen, living room and sun room. We also decided to use the spare bedroom as our extra room, for now. We had placed extra couches and chairs in there along with a TV and mini fridge.

"All. Done!" Lily sighed as all three of us plopped down on the living room couch.

"I'm starving!" Brooklyn whined.

"Me too!" Lily and I both groaned.

"Well, we don't have anything to cook..." Brooklyn declared.

"So we should go out to eat!" I smiled.

"Do you guys know of any places?" Lily asked.

Brooke and I both shook our heads.

"Well there's bound to be a pizza place or something..." I stated.

"Well let's go see!" Lily chirped.

Three girls, new to California going out to look for restaurants... This ought to be interesting.

~Brooklyn's Point of View~

We set out around 7 o'clock to look for some place to eat and we just settled on a local place called Pizza Pete's.

It was actually pretty good and not too far from our house.

We walked back into the house and sat back down on the couch turning on the television.

"Tomorrow we should go sightseeing... You know... Might as well get to know where everything is." I stated.

"Yeah... I should go and see if there are any modeling shoots at the mall or somewhere..." Lily smiled.

"I should go and see if there are any auditions in LA soon, I mean there should be... Or at least some classes." McKinlee shrugged.

"Well, I'm glad you two are dreaming big. All I can do is snap a camera..."I frowned.

"Brooke, you take amazing pictures!" McKinlee smiled.

"And you can dream big too! You can open up a shop!" Lily exclaimed.

"Yeah... I could..." I grinned.

I could open a small shop somewhere... That would be a great job, if it was successful..

"Well if we are going to go and explore tomorrow we should get some rest." Lily yawned.

"Okay..." I sighed, sleepily.

"Night!" We all declared, walking up the stairs and departing to each of our rooms.

So far, California has been amazing! And it can only get better!


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